Saturday, April 6, 2013

How To Be A Good Top !

Here is an interesting article  I found on the net! --

How To Be A Good Top!

First, what is a Top?
-- A top is the person doing the penetration during anal sex

Imagine a power top like Takuya Nakamura!

Secondly, what is a Bottom?
-- The partner being penetrated during gay anal sex is referred to as the "bottom" .

How To Top?
-- There is a certain level of finesse and a number of techniques beyond just sticking your penis into his anus
    that make one a good top!

There is no such thing as "Swipe & Go" in anal sex, ya know?!

-- Topping takes strategy, a way to execute that plan, and a lot of patience.


Yes, you need a lot of preparation before having sex!

-- The strategy I'm referring to is the bottom's pleasure.
-- Of course, great sex doesn't lie on the top alone ... The bottom also has to play a part, especially by
    getting his hole ready and emptying his waste

But of course, for more pleasurable sex, the bottom has to play his part and clean his ass too!

-- A good top knows that focusing on their partner's desires can reap pleasurable rewards for both!

Good Topping
-- Good topping is more than just jumping on the first available opening.

If you want to have sex by force, it is called Rape, ya'know!

-- Keep your bottom wanting more by giving out foreplay and teasing him.
-- Most anuses aren't designed for entry and aren't relaxed and expanded in it's natural state.

A lil' bit of alcohol helps to lighten the atmosphere ...

-- So, penetration can be quite painful for your bottom ( and less enjoyable for you ) if his sphincter muscles
    aren't relaxed!

-- It is easier for him to relax his sphincter muscles if he is relaxed.

Relax Your Bottom Boy

-- To relax your bottom, start with foreplay and a mixture of firm and light touch and kisses.

-- Having foreplay sex during showers can be orgasmic too.

-- Read his body language and focus your attention on areas that help his entire body loosen.

-- Listen to his breathing and verbal cues.
-- Let him and his body guide you to the right areas.

-- Stay above the belt for some time with kisses and caresses, which can be difficult, especially when you're  
    ready to go for the prize ( remember the patience we talked about? )

-- Next, undress him slowly and let him undress you as well.

-- Relax your body on his and let him feel your heaviness.

Foreplay and teasing are essentials okay!

-- Press against his torso and start rubbing around his waist and eventually below.
-- Kiss, touch and let him feel your readiness.
-- If he's into it, let him give you oral.

-- Meanwhile, explore his waist, butt and anus.

-- Try rimming, massaging his perimnuem or lightly penetrating him with a lubricated finger or toy

I'm sure nearly every bottom likes to be rimmed! =P

Let Him Guide You, Then Take Control

-- Increase his eagerness but focusing on his relaxation.

-- Let him guide you when he is ready, then take control.
-- Start slowly and ease penetration.

-- Be patient and develop your rhythm before increasing your dept and speed.

-- Again. listen to his body language and verbal cues. Does he tense up or relax at a certain speed or depth?

-- Hopefully, you'll both sync into a rhythm.

-- Once this happens, maintain that pace and slowly increase depth and speed.

And of course, remember to practice safe sex ya! Muacks!

-- Remember, Great Sex is when you and your partner have passionate hot sex and climax at the same time
    followed by long cuddles.

Orgasm has been achieved!

Never leave the bottom alone immediately after fucking him! Bottoms have emotions, ya'know!

Remember to have long cuddle before falling asleep ya!

Hope the tips can help my readers to be a more intimate and understanding GAY TOP - ya!

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JokerPJ said...

How to be a good bottom leh? miao~

William said...

@jokerpj: you publish a guide!

nicky05 said...

wah. O.O you are good top ? :P

Simon T. said...

informative..... :p

kiddystick said...

Totally agree with you with the "do not leave the room immediately".. feel like a slut man !

Chen Xing said...

Can we have an entry on "cleaning the anus" next ?

Thank you.

Le Chatelier said...

Very informative indeed. Simon T needs to learn more then. LOL

Meve Horron said...

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Maki Amemiya !

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