Monday, April 1, 2013

Naruwan, Taiwan !!

In two weeks time, me & the Horny BF will be going to Taiwan !!! Our main itinerary has been finalized. Leaving the food, gay places of interests, shopping in the midst of planning. Of course, I'm sure everyone knows that Taiwan has one of the most vibrant gay scene in Asia ... And hopefully, I can also experience whatever it's been hyped over the internet [ if time permits, of course! ]

Nevertheless, I would really appreciate the help from those of you, who has been to Taipei, to share some gay places of interests & things to do / sexciting gay sexperiences in Taiwan or gay buddies that can bring us around in Taiwan?

Cheers from Simon!

Welcome To The Land Of Taiwanese Boys!

I have not allocate a slot for suntanning at the local public swimming pool in Taipei yet, but anyone of you mind to share which pool you think it's best for male tanning? =)

Cute Boys are easily found in every single corner of Taiwan! 

Taiwan is also known as the Land of Tight Singlets that accentuate the valley of a man! -- Perhaps I should try to get some! Where to buy guys?!

Who says Asians are not desirable?!! 

Well, to those on the extreme side, you can bring up a hunky Taiwanese Boy for a stay in your place .... Very inviting, right?

Or Maybe I can go to some of the Theme Nights at their Gay Saunas? =)

Unfortunately, Beaches are not in my list because it's too far .....

How about Water Theme Parks?! Now .. If just Malaysian guys wear it like the Taiwanese Boys at Sunway Lagoon - instead of fully clothed with T-Shirts or board shorts! -- Sienz - kan?! .....

Taiwanese Yuppies galore !!

Japanese Speedos / Gay-Brand Underwears / Sex Toys...U name it, they have it! 

Or go to their gay pubs / discos for some Magic Mike experience?!!!

But one of the must go itinerary is of course, the Male-Only-Public-Bathhouses/Hot Spring in Beitou! =)

Now, one of my cute friend kept praising the high standards of gay massages and high qualities of gay masseurs in Taipei! -- Should I go and sexperience it myself?! Hmmmm ....


William said...

The pic with the caption "Japanese Speedos / Gay-Brand Underwears / Sex Toys...U name it, they have it!", I think that shop is near Taipei 101. Forgot the name of the building though. You won't be very impressed.

Rob H said...

I haven't been to Taiwan yet but I can relay a few tips I've had from friends. For a sauna you have to get to Aniki -
They have a foam party on the 4th Saturday night of every month.
For clubs, the one I really want to visit is Club Jump and
Some of the photos of their gogo boy/bar tender shows look really hot!
Their Follow Me parties promise men only spaces and mandatory topless dancing.
Shopping could be

Hope this helps and have a great trip :-)

nicky05 said...

capture many spy pic :PPPPPP

simonlover said...

@William: I shall explore and see what are the results! =)

@Rob: Thanks Rob! I heard Jump is good too!

@Nicky: Hehe! Yeah! Hopefully I will! Muacks

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