Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sexy Brazilian Chinese Hunk - Cesar Chang!

According to a 2006 census on Brazilian population, there is at least 2 million Brazilians who are of East Asian descent. Hence, it's not surprising for us to see that out of those millions, they have managed to groom one helluva Hunk from the Chinese ethnicity!

Name: Cesar Chang [ Full: Cesar Augusto Vargas Chang ]
DOB: 20 December 1985, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Stats: 38-30.5-38
Height: 1.83 cm

He's attached to Singapore's Upfront Modelling Agency as well.

Cesar Chang by Gabriel Henrique Photography

Cesar Chang by Norm Yip Photography


tuls said...

thanks, i need a special delivery of caesar salad to my place in tyne and wear :)

tuls said...

without dressing! thanks... :)

Anonymous said...

I prefer mine with lots of cream!

link within

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