Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 from Simon Lover!

I'm sure many of you are very busy preparing yourself for this cumming Christmas celebration.

a) Some are busy doing last minute shopping for gifts as well as in conjuction with the Mega Sales - hence, it explains why the Mall in KL are so fucking jammed this few days! ( Me myself managed to buy Topman shirt, shorts, jeans at 50% as well as Private Structure swimtrunks and underwears at 70%!!! Yay! )

( You guess which jeans I picked eventually? )

b) Some are busy preparing for Christmas Eve Party / Dinner - either as the hosts ( busy with cooking, spring cleaning and decoration! ) , either as guests ( busy with dressing up sexily, preparing gift exchanges ), either as patrons ( restaurants/pubs/discos! )

c) Some are taking a long vacation back to their hometown, visiting family and friends or going for holidays.

Nevertheless, 2013 is also cumming to an end. My sincere apology for not blogging as much as I did last time, I know...those were the days where blogging was very sexciting and interesting -- But then again, I really appreciate my readers who have been following my blog all these years and I wish everyone:

Merry Christmas!!! - Fill up your life with love, happiness, peace, health, and success!

Some of you might feel lonely, but you can make a difference by being initiative! Forget the sorrows, forget the hatred, stop feeling pitiful of yourself -- Get up from you bed and go out and enjoy the things that you like! -- Be it shopping, eating, camwhoring, guy watching, self-masturbation, saunas, clubs, massages, hanging out with your pets, your families, fake friends? --- Just make your Christmas Day meaningful ya!

Muacks from Simon Lover! 

 Merry Christmas 2013 from Jason Chee
( Picture from West Philips Photography )

 Manhunt Malaysia 2013 - James Ng with Daniel Tan

 Malaysia's Hottest Hunks 2012/2013 - Daniel Tan

Have a sexy Christmas ride this 2013! 


Da Closet Guy said...

#2 look nicer but I would pick #1 for wearability. (:

Allan said...

#1 looks nice...good figure!

Thanks for keeping us entertained all these years by your constant blogging..Wishing You n the Horny Bf Merry Xmas n A Happy New Year!

Confuse Boy said...

yup, I think #1 looks nicer and better.

Merry Xmas and Happy new year! Ho ho ho horny holiday!!! :P

Anonymous said...

#1 shows off your basket better - merry christmas from singapoo

Jaded Jeremy said...

#1. Is this correct?

simonlover said...

@Jaded Jeremy: U think one is nice too?

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