Saturday, March 19, 2011

Craving for some hot, sexy Massage session?!

Urghh.................Of late, I've been lusting and craving for some eal hot, sexy Massage session by a sexy masseur! I dunno why...! Images of me being massaged body-to-body by a strong, hunky masseur has been playing on my mind non-stop! Hahaha -- Seriously, you guys don't be stingy ma --- Can help share your experiences or recommendations by leaving a comment in my blog - ma. Read through's forum, most of it focus on Fresh, Haven Massage - nia...But those places have a lot of China Boys -- and, I shall not comment on them, different people have different perceptions..Just that it's bad to generalize all of them into one basket! -- Just like how the Horny BF's is flirting with a cute 20 year-old China Boy who is studying at Monash University and speaks impeccable English! --

Imagine two guys naked together in a room!

And a very "inviting" bed lying at the center of the room!

With da sexy masseur sitting warmly on top of your butt, while flexing his skills all over your naked body?!

Hahaha...This position is where I'll have my erection the fastest!!!! Make me so paiseh only especially when the masseur just circled his palms over my front chest a few rounds - nia!

Awww...I miss the real "urut batin" the most..Not the usual "quick-quick-jerk-off" kinda massage -- But the traditional, powerful and legitimate urut batin ( manhood massage ) that does not makes you cum! Instead, it improves the blood circulation and muscles around the groin area as well as testicles & shaft!

If you guys prefer something kinkier, you can opt for the shower/body scrub/mandi lulur as well! - Though I doubt the masseur will dip in the bathtub with you as well -- Haha.

This is one the the sensual, body-to-body, naked shower body scrub! Any one wants to try it?!

Now, if I'm given a choice, I'll pick this cute receptionist guy to massage me - lor!

Anyway, here's a Thai Video showing how to mix massage oils and apply it on the customer!

Lastly, a cheeky gift to you guys...A Japanese massage session turned into a....ahem..ahem...?!!

 Oops! I guess the earlier link doesn't work anymore. To compensate that error, here's another link to one of my favorite Japanese porn star ( well, mainly because I like his sexy tanned butt - kot?!!!  Enjoy! )


sexualHIStory said...

i've got a few contacts. if you want i can give you. indonesians, very strong hands, and can go very passionate too. not the one i blogged about, some others. tried a few times. ;)

fang.liang said...
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Qboy said...

Heyy Simon the file is deleted? :(

fang.liang said...
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Takashi said...

I can rec'd one place.. loLx.

Anonymous said...

Go back to Kursani. Ask for the 1.5 hrs massage in a private room and you will get you happy endings.

Simon Lee said...
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William said...

Tanned butts don't do it for me... what a weird sex doll... =_+

GWM said...

AHHHH Simon, so many handsome massage guys on GayRomeo. In fact those are about the only ones who get featured on the home page. Indo, Singapore Guys and nice Malays! Anyway, they are hot enough to make me want to fly there to KUL or SIN for a nice massage with extra services...
AHHHH again!!

Anonymous said...

heyy i cant download the video, can send it to my email? pls.

Kevin said...

I cant dl even the 2nd link... How can I receive the file? Other links?

lionfever said...

hahahaha, you're naughty

Anonymous said...

Loved your article but I'd just like to point out I don't need a massage to improve the blood circulation in my shaft. - Ian

PS Love to give you a massage in the bathtub. Hehehe

XIAN said... u gotta check out this hk artist! if u wanna see him dancing in that tank top watch i find him very hot loh. damn.

simonlover said...

@SexualHistory: You can email the contacts to me! Hehehe

@Takashi: I know..Apsara Spa ma =)

@ANonymous: You haven't tell me the name of the masseurs that you like in Kursani!!! =P

@William:Haha..WHy you dun like?!!

@GWM: Have you been to Msia/Singapore b4?

@Lionfever:Haha..So boy, dun follow daddy's footsteps k!

@Ian:Unless the bathtub is big enough, where should to lie in the meantime?! Hehehe

@XIAN: Okok. I'll check it out for you! p/s: Do you design business cards? Hehehe..

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I should publish names on this page- there are 2 Burmese and 1 Chinese there - try them.

Anonymous said...

hey simon, can you reupload the second one too ?