Saturday, March 26, 2011

Headless Singaporean Hunks!

These are the kind of bodies that you'll get when you visit Singapore! -- Be it Top, Bottom or Versatile, you can be rest assured that Singapore is definitely not a "SLEEPY HOLLOW", my dears! --- ! Without further ado, here are the Headless Johnny Depp(s) Of Singapore! [ Well, you guys can have your wild guesses on which picture that you like and you can ask me further if you would like to know whether their sex roles suit you or not?! ]

I don't think anyone of you will guess wrongly which position this guy likes the most - lor!

And yes...there are Singaporean Guys who are into Rihanna's "S&M"!!!
( p/s: Sorry for the nonsensical post - yet again. I've been very tired from work lately --- Sigh ]


thai Girl said...


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sexualHIStory said...

7 please. hehe

Takashi said...

first one..

kantta said...

is your picture inside there ?

Anonymous said...

8 pls!



simonlover said...

@Sexual History: #7 is versatile! Suits you?

@Takashi: So smart one?This guy will fuck you like you have never been fucked before, my dear!!!

@Kantta: Nope, I'm nt in da pics.

@Anonymous: #8 is also versatile. SUits you?

@Aliff: #8 versatile and #1 will fuck your arsehole till it breaks! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

hi simonlover

i love your website. however, i got something to ask of you. can you tell me where you managed to procure pic no. 7 from because it looks strangely like the picture my partner took of me.

Anonymous said...

No 4 showed his head

Anonymous said...

How did you know about #1?

Anonymous said...

Wow number 4 is sexaliscious beautiful boy the tip of his cock is superb can i suck it