Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Test - Guessing Your Sex Role

Recently I saw a friend posted the result of his test on Facebook - A riddle to guess whether you're a Top, Bottom, Versatile or Side.

So I decided to play the riddle and see how accurate is my result too.

(You guys can click the link below and have fun! )

LOL -- And guess what is my result ? 😀

Those who know me, will associate me as a POWER dot dot dot dot dot dot ....

But those who know me very well  will definitely agree with the result below ...Albeit my Versatility doesn't involves any penetration, more to pleasuring or torturing -- LOL 

So, let's see how did I got this result then :

There are 7 pictorials which you need to choose :


Well, I picked Golden Retriever because I personally know one...A cute but fat one actually ...Whom I've watched her grown from a puppy to a 9 year old bitch!


I chose Cream .... Because I love cream...Especially creams on cakes ... pastries ... Root Beer ..... But I have never tried applying cream on a guy's body and lick it up clean --- Partly because I feel it will  be very messy and I need to do the cleaning 😀😂 ....Might as well we just have a wild sex under the airconditioned room on the comfortable bed -- right ....

No. 3

I prefer to say "Hi" to anonymous guys if given a chance to surf Planet ROMEO ( LOL -- I don't have a profile there ) 

Teddy Bear - Too cute and childish
Piggy - Too rude to be sent over
Chilli - Find it more appropriate to send a hunky guy emoji to a hottie instead of chilli??


I wanted to pick Mona Lisa  -- But eventually I chose Starry Night because of the art design, though it's only after this, that I got to know that it's a Van Gogh. 

Will be surprised with the end result when I picked Mona Lisa ...LOL


A very tough selection indeed 

A butt plug to enlarge my asshole - sounds like a very good idea since I'd been complimented for being tight ...

Fleshlight - An alternative to those who never Top ...the pure pleasure from penetrating the tight entry hole...sensation from the abrasion on the bumpy inner walls and the soft,moist inner vacuum that adds on to the orgasmic ending

Dildo - Yeah baby, use the dildo to break my asshole 

Handcuffs  - Love Kinky Sex , but I always fear that I might end up with.a psycho ... So how?

I chose FleshLight 


Sunny Sky and Burning Sun of the Summer Of Course! 

You can get a beautiful tan!
You can swim in your colorful skimpy trunks!
You can expose yourself in singlets and hot shorts!
You can do outdoor gym and sports! 
You can take beautiful photos when you travel!


I chose Triceratops!

Because T-Rex is always associated with bad ..rough...tough...guys

Titanosaur - Very big and huge but a softie

Barney - Don't like

Triceratops - Anyone remember Dino-Robots cartoon back in the 1980's ...Yeah, I'm that old ...


William said...

Ultra-scientific and error-free quiz!

ams said...

Geee It's great!! I totally agree with my results

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