Thursday, May 30, 2013

All Male, All Nude - Chuan Tang Hot Spring - Taipei, Taiwan

Hi Guys! Haha...I think I've been scolded by many of my friends for not updating my blog for such a long time! -- Everyone is anticipating my Taiwan pictures!! -- Well, "don't-lah" generalize all my trips to be sexciting and sextertaining, right?! -- I can be a good boy, ya'know?!

Taiwan is famous for hot springs and a visit to Taiwan is not complete, unless you've been to their hot springs! One of the most popular Hot Spring for gay boys is Chuan Tang ( 川湯溫泉 )  Hot Spring or aka Kawayu Spa ( Website: ), located in Beitou, Taipei. Any particular advantage ? -- Well, it's an All Male, All Nude, 24 Hours Hot Spring - guys!

Yes...You guys will not be disappointed with the crowd! - Trust me! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

May - The National Masturbation Month!

Interestingly, the month of May is also called "The National Masturbation Month" 

I'm sure all of us enjoy Masturbation, right?! ... ( " *Now, don't lie, my dears!" ).

Hence, why don't we just follow the flow and give ourselves some self satisfaction and happiness. You are free to imagine / fantasize during your masturbation session -- Be it watching porn, dreaming of yourself with your loved ones or the guy you that you really fancy -- The orgasm achieved after the climax will indeed make your day happier! 

So, Happy Masturbation Month to all of you here, ya! Muacks!