Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sho Arisue 原一彰 - Japanese Gay Model

This morning I went to Arena Swim Brand warehouse sale, nearby Bandar Sunway, and I was surprised that a reader of mine, actually recognized me even though, we last chatted through Jack'D, one year ago! -- I felt so bad for not continuing our chats on Jack'D, and it was a nice meet up, with "Han ( his name ), a manly guy in his early 30's.... Promise you next time, that it will not be limited to just smiling to each other ya! Muacks

Name: Sho Arisue ( aka Shoh 原一彰 ) 
DOB: 25 December 1985 
Instagram ID: ysic

I think this is his most famous shot. 
Many gay websites have featured this picture before.
It's taken from M1 Magic Man Gay Magazine, Volume 31, Photography by Adu (杜达雄 ) -- A popular gay magazine from Taiwan.

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Some of you might go EEE, handsome - kah?! ...... cuz me myself, finds his face doesn't look very desirable in that pose too.

Nevertheless, I think you guys will change your mind when you see the following pictures!

Sho Arisue

Sho Arisue in M1 Magic Man Magazine, Volume 31 - Shoh !


thompsonboy said...

Their stocks of swimwear nowadays are the damn huge versions...almost like pampers like that. I used to have a few which are quite nice and small.

simonlover said...

Dear Thompsonboy: Yeah, they used to have size their smallest is size 32 ...and the sides used to be very skimpy, as u said, like pampers ....

William said...

This models IG stream quite mild

Anonymous said...

He's very sexy beautiful body sensational cock