Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mr.International Malaysia 2013 - Mr.Selangor, James Ng

It looks like we have another male pageant in Malaysia, which I'm not aware of !! Sigh! This shows how far I'm not keeping myself abreast with the latest news in Malaysia.

The competition is called: Mr.International Malaysia 2013 and basically it has 14 participants, each representing their respective states in Malaysia.

Finals: 11 October 2013 ( 6pm at The Butter Factory )

First up, Mr.Selangor
James Ng Yin Teng
DOB: 25 July 1993 ( 20 years old! )
Inti Undergraduate Student
New Icon For Him, "Malaysia's Hottest Hunks 2012/2013 - Top 12 Finalists - Mr.May "

James Ng Yin Teng
Latest Aug 2013 picture.
Follow James' Instagram @ jamesngyinteng

New Icon For Him Magazine:
The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia Top 12 Finalists

Mr.International Malaysia 2013 Finalists

  • West Phillips Photography March 2013

with fellow The Hottest Hunks in Malaysia 2012 winner, Daniel Tan on the right

Simon Latimer Photography 2012

James Ng modelling shots

James Ng in Kenneth Yap Photography

James Ng in various shots

James Ng is also a Part-Time Personal Instructor @ Fitness First, Malaysia

And you guys can hire James Ng for your Birthday Party too! 

Happy 20th Birthday to James Ng!


Anonymous said...

Yes I think he's the best looking of the bunch.

- a L E x - said...

He is from my church :O

DEAN said...

I love Kenneth Yap photography the most. More natural shoots.

link within

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