Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sexy Singaporean Guy - Shawn Ng!

Profile: Shawn Ng
Education: Nanyang Polytechnic, Serangoon Garden Secondary School, Woodgrove Seconday School ( Any of you went to the same school with him?! )

Very cute and innocent looking - Shawn Ng!

He's now a Model with +3 Productions, Singapore

And he was a finalist in Manhunt Singapore 2010 as well!

He also participated in Singapore Calendar Guys 2010 contest as well!

And he's also  featured in Singapore Calendar Guys 2011 Calendar!

One of his modeling ads!

And some random, clothed pictures of Shawn Ng!

Yikes! Guys in tight-fitting work attire!!! -- Fetish, Fetish!!!

With a body and a cute face like Shawn, it's without doubt that Singapore has one of the best bodies among the PLU circle!

Shawn Ng looking veru sexy indeed in TOOT swim trunk!

Just a simple post from me today. I was actually back to my Far-Far-Away-Land for two days and today I bade farewell to my ex-colleagues, friends and landlords once again. And I'm feeling very tired at the moment after a long 5 hour ride as well as getting stuck in the jam at NKVE because of the fallen trees due to the strong winds/rain this evening!

Just like the song below,
One of my favourite Cyndi Lauper tunes, "I Drove All Night"


William said...

Love the visible penis lines.

simonlover said...

@William: Sejak bila u jadi gitu hamsap eh?!!! Actually, if my visual memories are correct, there are actually more pictures of him in the pink trunks! Bt then, I jz can't seem to find those pics! Kheksei!

goMercury said...

someone get me a tissue, my nose is bleeding everywhere!
one of the hottest men ever! thanks simonlover hehe!

XrayEyes said...

his cock is cut! nice!

Derek said...

I actually think he's the cutest in 2010's manhunt. And too bad he came in second in the SCG!

Skyhawk said...

Cute...I love him in yellow trunk, probably due to the penis lines too...

mn said...

nice cut one

Theodore said...

hmm.. same secondary school as me.. wonder why i din take notice of him when he was there..

Chowboy said...

same poly as me! hhehee! hothothot!