Thursday, March 26, 2015

Groovin' Underwear Mens T-Back Thong

Well, for those who are not familiar with Groovin' Underwear -- You guys can refer to my old posts on this particular sexy men underwear from Thailand!

Currently, I have 4 T-Back Thongs for sale and I really like this particular range because :

a) 92% nylon, 8% lycra -- making it soft and comfortable, dries easily and stretchable - accentuating every curve of your proud asset!

b) Super extra low waist thong -- Of course, if you guys want to show off your sexy thong on your sexy butt in your low waist jeans, you can do that by buying one size bigger. Other than that, people will think that you are wearing nothing at all underneath your pants!

c) Sensational feeling on your butt-hole! LOL -- Of course, many of us don't like the feeling of a string rubbing on your butt-hole throughout the day -- But you can compensate that feeling by wearing the thong for "special occasions" , you know what I mean? --- Tsk, tsk, tsk .... Guys love their partner on thongs during "special occasions" --- Please don't deny it!!!!

Unfortunately, I can't source many pictures on models wearing Groovin's T-Back Thong ( Unless I model it myself? ) -- But the below pictures are actually from the same range, just that it's the "Tanga" version. -- So, hope you guys love what you see -- And be quick to get the T-Back thongs!

Please refer to the size chart as I have 4 - Medium Thongs available;

This is how it looks like on the back 

Yellow - Medium - 1 unit ( RM 38 inclusive of postage ); SOLD OUT

Orange - Medium - 2 unit ( RM 38 inclusive of postage );

Blue - Medium - 2 unit ( RM 38 inclusive of postage ); - SOLD OUT

Do contact me at if you guys are interested! -- Cheers!

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William said...

Perhaps more interest if they were pre-loved. Hehe.

link within

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