Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bali Gay Massage...

Hi Guys!

Was just surfing around looking for Bali information, which is going to be my next trip ( though it is in a few months time only ). There i was, cheekily searching for PLU stuffs ( which, i'm not keeping my fingers crossed b'cuz i'm going with a bunch of straights & gals! Aiseh... ), and i happened to chance upon Bali Gay Massage & Spa...Hehe...As everyone knows, Bali is renowned for her wonderful spas at an affordable price. However, most of them are those serious types with mixed clientele. Even from what i found thru google search, there are not many options available for PLUs ( dun compare it with Bangkok-lor ).

These are some of the pics i found on the internet. Below is a special massage technique called "Meng massage" which is available in M Spa Bali. whereby two boys will use their four hands to give a synchronised massage on your entire body. From the pictures, it looks like one will experience a sexy massage session but i do hope if any of my readers have ever been to gay massage in Bali, can help to reply some feedback on it though...Doesn't it look tempting? Hehe..Well, i hope i have the chance to sneak out from my gang and enjoy this lusty experience with my BF by then. This is what i'm hoping to keep my fingers crossed!

Hm...Do u think we'll looked sexy in that pose?..Hehe..

 One can also enjoy being massaged outdoor ( p/s: WHy dun they just removed the towel?! )

It would be better if the masseuer is also naked...Hehe..

A random pic as it is quite difficult to find more pics... =(



KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS said...

no updates 1. went bali aledi ah? haha. some ppl cant wait. :P

friend said...

hi! So how was it?

simonlover said...

Friend: Haha.I did not have a gay massage lor. Instead, we went to a straight one & i was totally molested by a lady with me in my semi-transparent black mesh-disposable undie lor... Langsung dun have any reaction at all!!!!!!!!!!!.....=)

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