Thursday, April 2, 2015

gCircuit Songkran 2015 - Top 16 GoGo Dancers - Part 2!

Happy GST Day to all Malaysians today! ( The Malaysian government decided to impose a 6% Goods & Service Tax on all taxable items available in Malaysia on 1st April 2015 )

Here is the continuation of Top 16 GoGo Boys in gCircuit Songkran 2015 ... ( Well...Thai Baht is the strongest against Malaysian Ringgit in the last 15 years! -- Yes, it's not a good time for Malaysians to visit Thailand - eh? )

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

gCircuit Songkran 2015 - Top 16 GoGo Dancers - Part 1!

I think gCircuit Songkran 2015 ( 10-12 April 2015) is an event which needs no further introduction. It's Asia's biggest gay event and it's usually held in conjunction with the Songkran Festival in Bangkok, Thailand

Even if you guys don't know what is gCircuit all about, you guys can follow their Facebook and official website over here:

This year, gCircuit has prepared lotsa events and activities to create a fantastic event to all the participants. One of them is, to prepare a group of 16 hot gogo dancers !

Do enjoy my Part 1 of the GoGo Dancer Boys - ya!

Peter Le as the ambassador for gCircuit 2015