Saturday, October 17, 2015

Funny Gay Pictures Series

Well, I guess I should start doing something different than just posting up half naked men pictures on my blog - right? --- I need to get my brain going and I'm just so amazed that, why I can be so creative, full of ideas and cheeky, back when I was actively blogging -- But not now anymore....Why? Why? Why?

Nevertheless, today's post will be a little different... And I guess I enjoy entertaining you guys more, from the BOTTOM of my heart, seriously ( Of course, my butt is at the Bottom of my heart, right? -- Where else can it be?!!! Tsk tsk tsk  ... ) 

Let's get one more thing straight -- guys who surf my blog are definitely NOT straight - too! 

Who wants a new iBoyfriend? -- It CUMS in various sizes and colours too! 

That feeling -- Those stares -- Can you handle it?!  

May the Best Runner wins! Amen!!!! --- Love this picture a lot! =)

The more the reason why we should love Adam Levine, from Maroon 5, more! 
He is indeed a GAME CHANGER when it cums to sucking! 

When it comes to emergency situations like this, it's either you GRAB A COCK or DIE from regrets! 

I think you gays, are already half way feeling gay after looking at the pictures - AM I RIGHT???

Don't be so picky, my dears!

I guess most of us have had this feeling, many a time! 
( Keeping my fingers crossed, fingers crossed, finger crossed , fingers crossed -- Before going into - SHUCKS! Mother fucker - you! @_@ )

I guess we gays are good at misleading everything, right? -- Do you have a girlfriend? -- How old are you? -- What is your stats? -- Where do stay? -- Are you partnered? --  And the list goes on! LOL 

 Cuz you have the POWER!!!!!!!! -- roarrr ---!

Well, you can press my power bottom anytime you want to ....Tsk, tsk, tsk

Lastly, this is a truth which I'm sure all of us will argue --- What can you say, Guys are dicks and I understand it -- But then again, what makes Guys attractive is also their dicks! -- Admit it!!! 

Hence, please AGREE with the picture above! - and have a wonderful weekend! 

  Hugs and Kisses from Simon!

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Derek said...

Nice collection of funnies!

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