Sunday, October 31, 2010

Help Needed: Question #1....!

Finally I'm back after 1 week of traveling with the parents, brother & wife and the sister-in-law's parents! -- During that period, I was disconnected with the virtual world as well - Meaning -- No sexy guys for me to drool in that 1 week! - It's tough for a sexually active gay boy, to control his desire that long, ya'know!

Anyway, to cut the story short, here's one of the numerous questions being asked to me by my sister-in-law... 

And if you guys were me, how would you answer it? - Please leave your comments ya! 


"Simon, next week I'm going to Manchester, UK. What do you want me to buy for you? - Do you like football? Manchester United? How about I get you some Man U jerseys? Any particular Man U stars you like?"

Simon Lover:
"Erm...It's okay...You don't need to buy anything for me. You just enjoy your working trip - lah."

"Okay...You just email your brother when you've thought of what you want from UK, ya."

Well, what did you guys expect me to answer? - Say, I'm not really into football, my dear Sis? I'm not that man enough to sit for 90 minutes watching guys chasing over one ball at 1-2 am in the morning, ( Malaysia time )?

And give her the chance to go into a trance and start asking me, "Huh?! I thought guys like to watch football one?!! - how come you don't like to watch football? Why? Why? Why?.....And the list will go on and on and on!

Where in actual fact, Simon Lover's mind was actually hoping to tell the Sis: 
"Oh! Great! Can you help look out for me Topman, Zara or other branded designer clothes that are at discounted price?! Please?! -- Since the prices there are cheaper than in M'sia.

Hahahaha....Well, that was what I've requested my brother to buy for me last year ( Cuz my Bro knows I like clothes - ma, hahaha )...I ask him to buy Topman jeans/pants, Size 28...Don't need to try. Sure can fit - one, since I own one size 28 jeans. So, Bro did buy 1 skinny jeans & 1 skinny slack Sz 28 for me at RM100 each ( Malaysia is selling it at RM229, u'know!" )....

"Mana tau", I couldn't even button-up the skinny slack ( An indicator of my bulging tummy?!! ) and the skinny jeans is very "tight-fitting" -- too tight in fact -- ! Haha. So, in the near future, to be on the safe side, buying Tee Shirts are the best option for me!

So now, both of us agree that we'll shop for electrical items instead...e.g camera, IT gadgets...Hahaha. Till then, I shall start looking for what are the things are want from UK! Hehehehe. Any UK readers of my blog that can help me out?~! =)


William said...

Ask her to buy several. Sell to str8 guys. Or exchange them for sexual favours. LOL.

Anonymous said...

was wondering why you cant directly ask those clothes from your sis at the first place?nothing wrong liking clothes what..

Takashi said...

u shud ask for gay magazines... cos i heard the europeans are quite hot, that's if you are into whites laa... hehehee...

Paul Figaro J said...

u ask for Zara for what?? it's label from Spain! and u ask for topman?? u gonna get a slap from me you know!! ok ok.. u really need my help here...
since ur sister-in-law going to UK right? well tell her this "any thing with a logo a knight riding a horse will do" if she not get it... then say BURBERRY!!!

nicky05 said...

If you dont football stuff, can pass to me ..hahaha

DinoRic said...




These are the Brands you should ask! Not ZARA! HAHA!

SecretBehind'em said...

nothing wrong saying u dont like football. it remind me of a question my fren asked me just hrs ago at gym. Friend: "Do you play football/futsal?" Me:"No, I dont like football tho i watched FIFA". Friend:"then what u into?" Me:"badminton, volleyball"... See how easy!! Fren didnt question further. not every man like football and theres nothing wrong with that... answer with confidence!

B4zach said...

me also dun like football. XD

Fable Frog said...

Har... ask for clothes also paiseh? I thought you wanted to ask for dildos and such! =.="

but seriously? all the way there for topman?

OMG! Word verification: Chipho (Cheep Hor?)

reggaeray said...

im in the uk and used to live in manchester, loved the place

As for the question... tell her it is cheap and you get tax-free discounts too when you go through customs. What's not to like?!?! If she wants, let her get the football tshirt too haha

Tell her to go to the Trafford Centre for the best clothes shopping in the world - not only topman and zara, but also LV, Paul Smith, Gucci etc etc She will thank you for it!

Gadgets are cheaper in M'sia anyway. Hope you get what you want without getting outed lol :D

Janvier said...

She may ask you why you're not interested, just tell her 'just because'. And that you don't want any footie clothes 'cos it's a headache getting into footie arguments with other footie fans.

You could start by asking for an iPad.

Horny BF said...

Maybe you should have answered;

Yeah, I watch football. Why? Coz they have such gorgeous legs. :)

simonlover said...

@Anonymous: Haha. I'm nt that close to her yet. Since 2008, I've only met her, say...5 times?!! - I don't mind telling that to my bro or even his ex-GF, which I'm still close with. Hahaha. Complicated eh.

@Takashi: Nah, prefer Asians. Whites i cn get it fr the net oh!

@Paul, DinoRic, Fable, Janvier: Haha. Well, I'm not that kinda high-end, fashionable, metrosexual Gay Boy-ma. Still very down to earth kinda type. So, sorry for being so naive whn it comes to fashion sense oh!

@B4zach: I'm sure you like "other" sports, right?!

@William, Nicky: Haha.Maybe I shud get some and wear it whn goin out with my straight frens! looks more manly right?! Hahaha
@SecretBehind'em: Haha. I like badminton actually! And swimming, tennis, diving, squash, gymnastics, ice-skating!

@ReggaeRay: Hi. Thanks 4visiting my blog as well as the tips! I'll take note of it!

@HornyBF;l Their thighs too big ler.

Kelson said...

was doing a retrospective reading and bump into the post.
i too fit size 28 quite well here in this part of the world, but when i was in london, i can't seem to fit into their size 28!!! its bloody tight. i thought i can get a few pairs with good bargain (its on sale then) but ended without sizes :(

simonlover said...

@Kelson: Seriously...Their size 28 is not the same like Malaysia's size 28! - It was too small!!!!!!! It can only reached my thighs when I pull it up! Haha.

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