Thursday, October 14, 2010

8 Years of Bliss. Not?

Yup, this is a sudden, out of the blue post. I was expecting so much more from our eighth anniversary. Yes, not one , not two, not even five but EIGHT whole years of sticking to each other, through thick and thin. And tornadoes and volcanoes and thunderstorms.

At the end of the day, I could not even remember what happened on Oct 3rd. It was a Sunday, yes. But we don't even go all out for a dinner (far from wine and dine), buy each other gifts, or even murmuring those precious (over-rated?) 3 words.

Have we mellowed over the 8 years of being together? The passion runs out of steam, flame extinguished, goals in life changed, OR ... am I lying to myself here?

Who am I kidding? This type of relationship NEVER works, right?

So let me wallow in my sorrow and keep my fingers crossed for a much belated gift. Or for him to fulfill his promise in throwing a grand celebration of an anniversary; a well overdue trip down south to the land of the metrosexuals. 

Wishful thinking? Maybe. But somewhere deep in the corners of my heart, I pray for a miracle. We are at a crossroad now. At least I am. But will you be there for me?


allan said...

after eight long years, one tends to take things for granted or maybe its the stress of trying career changes.. whatever the reasons i think the two of you should have a good heart to heart talk... good luck..reading that you are unhappy hurts..

Takashi said...

why are u unhappy???

i smell resentment!

nicky05 said...

might be busy with the working until forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, I have been reading your blog for quite a while now, like it very much. The reason I write to you is that I feel very much similar with how you feel in your recent post.

Why similar, our 9th anniversary was dated 10/10/10, yours is 8th on 3/10/10, we "celebrate our annv " in the same month. Not much celebration but we have exchanged of gift, honestly I have the same feeling like what you have posted on "8 years of bliss, not?" on 10/10/10, isn't a very good date to at least doing something on this such a memorable day ?

Well,I think expection sometime will lead to disappointment in our life therefore try to minimise expectation and you may get more good suprise in future. To harmonise a relationship, we have to take and give, sometimes we have to put ourself in their shoes and think what if we in their position, Will I doing the same thing? We should also have to inititiate ourself to do something instead of waiting them to do it (I know sometimes is difficult because we think they should do it:))

Nevertheless, I hope to read a more plesant post about 2 of u in future, do not upset, a good relationship is just a give and take, while you have your bad/sad feeling on him, on the same time, try to think how he feel, will he feel the same like you do?

Keep it up.

Horny BF said...

Everything's fine people. Sorry if this post stirred up different emotions.
We both are at a crossroad now. Much is at stake, and the least of my worries now is to keep the flame going on strong.

We have been through almost hellfire and brimstones over the course of 8 years, hence the future should look anything but bleak.

Thanks for the comments.

Rob said...

Long term relationships are not easy. I'm sure you guys know that after 8 years. My partner and I have been together for nearly 15 years now but we have kept it going and you guys can too. We would all like romance to be spontaneous and effortless but the reality is that sometimes if you want it you have to plan it and make it happen.

Good luck boys :-)

Anonymous said...

after eight long years, its a pity to break up n go separate ways but then if stalemates constantly appears, maybe its time to move on in life n open up a new chapter while one is still young. Who knows there might be a better person who can give you the love n attention you longed for....of course whatever the decision made, the onus is on yourself but do be brave. be strong!

Le Chatelier said...

I guess appreciating what u have at the moment is the best. U have a bf, stayed together for 8 years; why not another 8 years and more?! Yeap, instead of waiting the other to do it; we spice things up by ourselves. I duno the story behind u2 lah but u2 are kinda important to people like me, who are looking for some prove that this kinda relationship works. May be ur abit down agaknya~ let's just cool down and talk. Yeap, Im sad to know that:( Think about the happy stuffs u both did together~ Good luck and good effort (as u can make it happen!!!)

simonlover said...

p/s: The post was written by the Horny BF! Hahaha.

Thanks for the advices, everyone.

Haha. Just another routine argument gone overboard before making up!

It's just that we are at the crossroads at the moment. With the focus on our career before the emotional needs + the Heart Of Steel attitude by SL as well. You can notice how cruel am i of not replying to the BF's post right?! Hahaha...Cuz he knows he'll get an earful fr me as a consequence for his actions! - Nevertheless, we can just hope we have what it takes to move forward and do not look back in regrets. =(

Jaded Jeremy said...

Firstly, congrats on your anniversary. 8! Every relationship, no matter how new or old, needs effort to keep it going. So good luck to both of you and hope your relationship strengthens further.

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