Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I first started my blog way, way, way back in July 2008, which lasts for only a month, before going into a long hiatus and resumed blogging in March 2009 which miraculously, continued up to this day!

If you look at my Header, there's a tagline of "The World Of Sexy Men Is Meant To Be Shared With All The Sexy Guys Out There In The World And That Includes You Too!", which has been Simon Lover's main motto in blogging!

Back then, I have great visions on how to make my blog the number one source of sexy asian guys' pictures - Hence, the idea of having great expose such as "Is He One Of Us?", "Sexy Guys from Fridae/Axcest/Trevvy", Malaysian/Singaporean Hunks is there hoping to generate wide interests on my blog among the gay communities.

 I also have this terrible habit which the Horny One dislikes the most, which is --- I'm not good in keeping secrets! -- Any latest news/gossips/discoveries that reached to me, I have this urge of "telling" it to at least some one! - I dunno why, but I couldn't help it - Sigh......

That is why, whenever I found pictures of cute guys ( especially gays or closeted gays ), I'm tempted to post it on my blog to share it with everyone! - In line with my tagline, of course! - Guys who are too beautiful / scandalous not to be posted by me! - All for the sake for creating "sex-sationals" posts to increase my readership -- ( Hahahahaha....Seriously, SEX SELLS! - People like to read, see, and even watch SEX-related stuffs! If not you guys won't be visiting my blog as well?!!! )

But over the period of time, the word "respect" suddenly comes into play...I've started asking permissions from certain people/websites before using their pictures on my blog; gained new friends and fans - thus, slowly phasing out the idea of putting pictures of people I know directly/in-directly; because I understand their predicaments as well - Asians are not ready to be too-opened on their sexualities ( which includes myself! ) - Being Gay is still a big issue in our society, thus remain closeted/discreet ( Hahahahaha - NOT SO for that hamsap guy called http://pluboy.blogspot.com" - lor! ) is one of our safest choice to live happily in this cruel world!  

One of the greatest example we can see at the moment, is the recent suicide case of an 18-year old freshmen in the US, by the name of Tyler Clementi, after one of his private sexual encounters with another male was videostreamed "Live" by his homophobic straight roommate and another fellow freshman on the internet.

 These kinda things are definitely too shocking for those Gays who are still not ready to come out of the closet openly. Even for myself, I can't even imagine how I will react if I found out the loads of sex-videos between Me & The Horny One are exposed on the net!!!! - Thus, it's not surprising to see my previous post on "Malaysian Grindr Boys" received many reactions, be it good or bad, from my readers as well. 

Therefore, I've decided to take down the post -- That doesn't mean I will stop posting pictures of sexy guys, but to avoid further controversies, I will explain the criteria for pictures that shall appear on my posts = 
  1. Male Celebrities - Actors, Singers, DJs, Hosts, Models, Well-known Personalities - Be it straight, queer or suspected to be queer!
  2. Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Japan guys - because the chances of me knowing or making friends with them are lower - Thus, I shouldn't fear offending them? .... 
  3. Malaysian Guys - Any guys who are straight and has lotsa sexy pictures, it will be 100% posted on my blog while for Malaysian Gays, I will post pictures which does not have any direct indications that refer them as gay ( for example: Manjam pictures with the profile name visibly showned ) and pictures of them in skimpy swim trunks / camwhoring half-naked doesn't count because there are many straight guy who does the same as well!!
  4. Whenever possible, I will try to seek permission from the owner first before posting their pictures/videos or if I received any complaints from anyone, I will remove it immediately.
  5. Any pictures / videos that had been circulated widely on the net, has the right to be on my blog, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who has it! For example: The Edison Chen sex pictures of course!
I hope with this, at least it can provide you guys some rough ideas on how I picked the pictures to appear in my blog ya! Everyone is not perfect, but if anyone of guys felt offended from any of my actions, please accept my sincere apology k.

Muacks from Simon Lover!
And I hope you guys will look at the pictures in my blog, and take it as a form of relaxation. Always remember, A Sexy Picture A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away! - unless the doctor is as sexy as the one above!!!!!!!!!

Ah-Ha...Which brings me to make a POLL on
"Should Simon Lover's Blog Continue Posting Pictures Of Malaysian Gay Guys?"
( Be it discreet boys or came-out boys as well! )
Please voice out your opinion by participating in the poll located on the left-hand side.


lionfever said...

i guess you have loads of hot cute boy's picture in your computer then. HAHAHA, they are hot

xoussef said...

It's definitely a good thing you're having scruples about guys photos out there.

Uncloseting someone is wrong.
Taping or photographing someone's private life without his/her consent is extremely wrong.
Sharing this material on internet or other mediums is (or should be) criminal.

But when some one gets his photos or videos up on a public profile on internet (i.e. NOT privately sent to you), he's relinquishing control over them.

Every time you're publishing a photo, you're making a decision, and you're threading a fine line between what's acceptable and what's wrong. My only advice is to refrain mentioning names, geographical areas, professions coupled with sexual preferences (real or supposed), unless it's unequivocally stated by the concerned. You don't need the recipe to appreciate a candy after all, right?

By asking the permission and respecting copyrights you're essentially being a gentleman, you're forcing respect ;-).

Takashi said...

I agree with the above comment.

Once a photo is in public domain (on the net, for example), it is for all to republish and use.. because the owner have relinquished all his rights to privacy when he puts his pictures online..

Well, same goes to facebook! Facebook is public domain as well..

Ah... you can use my pictures anytime kkekek...

Paul Figaro J said...

"can't even imagine how I will react if I found out the loads of sex-videos between Me & The Horny One are exposed on the net!!!! " kononnyerr.... lei lam duo jor lahh!!

Skyhawk said...

Removing the previous blog is a good move.

I agree, once we posted our pic on the net, it will be out of our hands.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Good decision!

link within

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