Saturday, October 9, 2010

Toilet Moments.........

I know that the sight of guys doing their "business" in toilets can be gross to some of you guys but with these guys below, I'm sure you guys wouldn't mind sharing or even doing your "business" together with them too, right?!!!!! - Enjoy.....!

Some people likes to read while waiting for everything to be settled. Just like the Horny One who likes to bring the papers into the toilet in the morning so that he can do two things at one time! Smart - ma.

Sometimes you just need to do some "pushing" before feeling relieved!

Or sometimes, you need to douched your asshole with an enema to ensure that everything is smooth and no blockage down there before anticipating for a major penetration for the night!!!

I find myself having similarities with this cute hunky guy above!....How?

Cuz me and the hunky guy above likes to strip naked while doing our businesses in the toilet! 
Hahahaha...What?!!! I feel sexy when I'm naked what....It's not wrong to have that kinda feeling right?!

Some people likes to squat on the toilet bowl especially in public toilets such as those @ the shopping centres! I don't know why, if everyone wipes the toilet bowl clean before sitting on it, there shouldn't be a problem of squatting on top to avoid your sexy thighs being contaminated by urine stains on the toilet bowl lor!

Some people like to pull their underwear half-way through the knee - nia. I personally don't like it cuz I believe in spreading my legs wider will make the flow better - lor!!!

Some people can really have a long chat on the phone while in the toilet!!! Have you heard guys talking int the toilet cubicle while you're waiting for them at the shopping centre?!

Imagine how many germs you are spreading when you read in the toilet?!!

Some people find that toilet bowls can be a sexy place to have a photograph shoot or even camwhore?!!!

Though this cutie is not sitting on a toilet bowl, but I find the urinals to be sex-citing as well! I'm sure many of you guys have spied on the guy next to you,right?!!! Now..don't lie ya!!!!!!! - And you better share your stories by leaving some comments below, ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some bathroom have the toilet and the showers built in one room. However, in those olden days, toilets and showers are separated in two diff rooms..just like my antique house!

With a hunky guy like that, I wouldn't mind having sex at the toilet!!!!! -- Oops! Forgive me for being crude...Well, really can't resist him ma!

Now, this guy's sitting position is obviously out-of-the-way! But I wouldn't mind "drying" him "clean" for the night lor! - or shall it be the other way round instead? Yikes!

 Now, both of them are comparing their butts! So, which butt shot deserves to win?! _ I'll go for the B&W cutie because of the extra "2points" that he managed to score! Hehe


Horny BF said...

Hmm. Nothing wrong with multi-tasking ma. I save time ...
For other activities. ;)

Takashi said...

HAHAHa... i just want to shit and get out of the toilet as soon as possible!!

because i cannot stand being confined in a small toilet.. even at home..

i wish the next time i have a bigger house, my toilet will be as big as the room..!

Anonymous said...

I like the cure one in the white T-shirt.

link within

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