Monday, October 18, 2010

Malaysian Actor - Leslie Chai!

This cute Malaysian Actor is called Leslie Chai. He's been acting since 1995 under HVD before HVD went bust in 1997 before re-emerging back into the Malaysian Drama scene, which went into a revival since 2007!

Name : Leslie Chai Ker Lik ( 蔡珂立 )
Born: Kampar, Perak.
DOB: 3 Sept 19xx! ( He's so secretive with his age! )

I remember watching his HVD dramas back in 1995-1997 and he usually played the part of the secondary school kid / son. Hahaha...And I always have this bad fetish of trying to spot a bulge on boys wearing school pants! - Oh, behave!

Leslie Chai, way back in 1995. 
Hahaha -- Look at how popular was "Aaron Kwok's" hairstyle back then. Does anyone of you have had a similar hairstyle before?!! Please don't be shy! Just share it with us, k! - As for me, I never had that kind of hairstyle before because my hair is slightly curly. So, it's not long, smooth & silky enough to styled that way!

And Leslie Chai, post 2007!

He still maintains his boyish charm, though sources say that he's already in his thirties!

And the above pic is the latest look from Leslie Chai, circa September 2010.

Sadly for us, Leslie Chai actually has a girlfriend. 
But that doesn't stop fellow Malaysian Actors ( which, IMHO or thru my strong gaydar, are definitely 'One Of Us'! ) from trying to be close with Leslie whenever there's an opportunity. Just like the actors below!

Leslie Chai with Nick Chung ( 钟盛忠 )

Awww...So sweet....

And no one can be as close as the actor like Melvin Sia! ( 谢佳见 )

I think he secretly wished that the kiss was true from his heart. What to do, the guy's straight!

Bromance Of The Three Kingdoms!
Caught in the tug-of-war between Melvin Sia and William San ( 辛伟廉 )

Well, with a boyish charm like that, it's no wonder that girls and even guys would fall for 
Leslie Chai - lor!
And so, how about you guys?!

~ Leslie Forever ~


Bravebear said...

cute but I prefer Melvin :p

nicky05 said...

At first I thought they were couple (Melvin and him). Judging BTW they take pics so intimate in Friendster.

simonlover said...

@Nicky, Bravebear: Haha, there are mny, many pics of Melvin psoing very "hiao"ly with fellow lengchai actors - lo! Myb I'll do a post of him soon! Hehe.

William said...

I don't remember him from the HVD era. I think I saw him on NTV7's "Feel Good, Feel Cook" last week. Not very cute.

simonlover said...

@William:Haha.I don't think Bravebear or Nicky has watched HVD dramas before! Old jor me & william!

Anonymous said...

I saw Leslie Chai shopping with his gf in MV last time. His gf is also an actress.

Takashi said...

i remember watching HVD dramas back then when it was showing on tv like weekday nights around 11.30 or midnite... so cute lor. he.

Anonymous said...

William San is also "One Of Us" too?

Willk said...

Personally i think nick chung look cuter than Leslie Chai but i am more good looking than both of them. :p alright i just being crazy at here.

Mr.D said...

The last promo pic, all 3 of them are amazing.

Little Dove said...

In the first ever Chinese Television Awards, Golden Awards (金視獎), Melvin Sia received the best actor award. In his acceptance speech, he thanked everyone but I became interested when he said, 谢谢爱我的William (thank you William who loves me).

simonlover said...

@Anonymous: Haha, I think both William n Melvin are definitely "one Of Us" - lor!

@Little Dove: Oh, I wonder which William he's refering to!

Takashi said...

I can confirm William San is.. just don't ask me how :)

Willk said...

Wondering who is William San or Melvin Sia? Gosh im totally not idea about Malaysia celebrity.

link within

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