Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh, Purple Rain!

Hahaha...Enough of being such a gentleman ( especially in my previous post! ) , it's back to being Simon Lover once again! - Sorry for the infrequent updates especially in this 3weeks before some thing major is going to happen regarding my career...( Sigh, Just like what this hunky Marky Mark wrote in his blog ...HERE... ) --- But anyhow, do enjoy the scores of PURPLE RAIN GUYS for today's post!!!!

Cute Taiwanese Guy, Kris Huang ( More pics of him, HERE )

Whoa, I'm envious of his "SMOOTH" body! - 
ANy of you guys are as smooth as him?!!!


Handsome Malaysian Actor, William San ( 辛伟廉 )! 
I'm still trying to do a feature post of him but very difficult to find nice pictures of him!

Malaysian Model, Kent Tan

Cute and sexy Thai Actor, Mario Maurer

Handsome Malaysian Model, TV Host, Jeffrey Cheng.

Sexy Malaysian Singer, Andrew Tan with another Malaysian celebrity.

Sexy Thai-Japan underwear brand, Groovin'

Cute Taiwanese Guy ( You can see more of his pictures, HERE )

Handsome Taiwanese Model, Zoy 沈宗霖

Up and coming, Singaporean Actor, Lawrence Wong王冠逸 )

  Sexy Thai Hunk!


Hmm..How I just wish that Calvin Klein designed some sizes that cater the Asian markets. Their "S" size is kinda like "L" to me!!!!


Whizkid said...

Good luck with finding more pic of William San.

Anonymous said...

"Their "S" size is kinda like "L" to me!!!! "...This tells alot about the size of your package...hahaha

simonlover said...

@Whizkid: Really tough luck - ler!

@Anonymous: Like u've mentioned, "Package" ma - Means u need to consider the whole package that consist of my waist, hips, butt as well as dick! "L" size does not mean I hv a small "package" because usually I see an underwear as a package - lor! Hahaha...

Anonymous said...

Typo? ->
Lawrence Wong ( 辛伟廉 )

lionfever said...

i am so getting myself some ARENA's trunks. so LOW !!rarw

simonlover said...

@Anonymous:Oops!Corrected the error d. Hehe..!

@Lionfever:Yes!Arena in Malaysia is definitely sexier thn Speedo. Howver, if in Japan, both are equally sexy n skimpy!

Sg Fan said...

heya! :)

Lawrence Wong is Malaysian! He came to Singapore when during his late teens, studied n worked odd jobs before modeling n acting. :)

He is something that you should feature soon.

fan from sg ;)

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