Friday, October 22, 2010

"Formal"-ity Fetish! - Part III

Hi Guys! This is the 3rd installment of my "Formal"-ity Fetish post where I'll post pictures of guys in work attire! -- You can read the previous installments over here -- PART 1 and PART 2.

Just to inform you guys, Simon Lover will be away yet again --- for 9 days, starting from tomorrow! -- Nope, I'm not going for any vacation with the Horny BF, instead, my Elder Brother will be back home together with my Singaporean Sis-In-Law and the Singapore In-Laws.

So, I'm bringing them for a short getaway up north to Penang for 3days, detouring Ipoh for breakfast and dinner of course - since they have not been to those places before! -- Hahaha...I don't know why, but I find Singaporeans feel very fascinated with the way of life in Malaysia --- the people, the madness, the FOOD, the nature, the laid-back atmosphere. The In-Laws even suggested we go fishing, visit farms, likes roti canai and any older generation activities ( Haha..Maybe because it rekindle their younger days' memories back when Singapore wasn't as developed as now?!  )  -- but of course, this fascination I think will only last throughout the one week - lar; if forever, they might wanna re-consider the pros & cons of holding onto that fascination! -- especially Malaysia's notorious bureaucracy and politics!

Hahaha...Well, luckily for my singaporean relatives, the thing they like the most is FOOD! So, basically this trip will be another round of makan trip! -- No thanks to my 4 years living in Penang and 4 years cajoling in Ipoh -- Yup, it's been that long since leaving my parents, studying and working in FAR-FAR-AWAY land!

But no worries! - This coming 1st December 2010, Simon Lover will finally, and I mean, FINALLY, be back living and "preying" in Klang Valley for good! Hehehehe --- Oops! I think I might have stirred someone's hornet nest!

And I can't wait to dress as smart and twinky as the Thai Boy above! I always have a fetish on tight fitting white shirt but till now, I still haven't own one yet! Maybe it's time I ask the Mum/relative to tailor-made some for me?!

As for slacks, I have many tight fitting ones but none of them are as skinny as above! It's time to get one too?!! -- But just for your information, if I were to dressed like the clothes I've mentioned earlier, my body shape will look exactly like the twinky Thai Boy above! -- Maybe It's time to hit the gym, I guess?!

Yup! Simon Lover is really that slim! Though my slim looks isn't that obvious because of my proportionate height! So far...Only William, KH, Cheryl, Gratitude have seen me LIVE before, while PLUBoy has seen me cumming camming....and two more gays by the name Andy and one who always bumped into my BF and me but doesn't know that I'm SL...Hahaha...

And as for the Horny BF...I hope he'll get some good offers soon! He's trying out for MNCs Drug Companies...And if successful, I'll be envious of him because he gets to drool over the thousands of lengchais working as product representatives and "have" them over for lunch!!!!! -- Kheksei! -- While I will still be contented gossiping and flirting with my Malay makciks or ah moi(s) assistants! --and he'll be globe-trotting sleeping with Sexy Singaporean, Thai, Hong Kong, American guys.....Though I still have my "oozing with manly sex appeal" 30++ yo Japanese General Manager for me to flirt with! ( Must quickly do a check-up on him whether he likes guys or not! )

As for the Horny BF's bodysize, he'll look abit like the HOT TAIWAN GUY above -- but a little bit on the heavier side ( Just A LITTLE! ) Hahaha....!! -- And I just hope there'll be some hot sales reps like him "servicing" me once in a while.....Sigh....No harm fantasizing right?! Hehe.

Anyway...Hope you guys will enjoy your lovely weekend....while I'll be signing off for 1 week...Till then, Muacks from Simon Lover!


Koala Express said...

i'm gonna miss u... oops... miss ur blog... :P

Gratitude said...

Yeah, that sinfully slim waistline of yours. I wasn't juz drinking coffee and chatting :P

Anonymous said...

I love asian tiny dicks.

My european very small dick is really giant comparison of yours.

Very nice blog! You are likeable

SZ said...

oh u missed out someone

simonlover said...

@Koala: Haha.I'll miss u too!

@Grat:I'm sure all gays are born with a good multi-tasking abilities - oh!

@Anonymous: I'll take the guy even if he's small, cz he's a good-looking guy!

@SZ: Haha. I know! Bt cz u wanna be discreet ma! =)

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