Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sexy Australian Blogger - Shannon!

Today I'll feature a fellow, sexy blogger from Down Under, by the name of Shannon.
( p/s: I have seek permission from him via emails way back in 16 Sep 2010, to use his pictures in my blog. If Shannon is reading it and feels uncomfortable to see some of the pictures, I'll be glad to remove it asap. )

Shannon was born in Melbourne, Australia and has been writing his blog for more than 2 years. Shannon's Father is actually a Malaysian Chinese and his mum is an Englishwoman.
Stats: 64kg, 5 ft 8"

There are many ways to get to know Shannon and here are some of his links:

  1.   ( Official Blog )
  3.  ( Any questions that you want to ask about Shannon, you can direct it through this website and he'll be glad to reply back asap! )
  4.   ( Contain loads of videos of Shannon )

No wonder he has that kind of sex appeal that no one can explain! -
Partly because he's father is a Malaysian?!!!!! - Cool! =P

And he's naturally smooth as well. Only needs to trim certain "parts" of his body, occasionally!

In his blog, he has this segment call "The Speedo Challenge" where he'll try to pull down to his speedos in public places and try to snap a picture of it! - Now, that's what I call, A foolish Man!!
( and I wonder whether we can do it in Malaysia without getting caught! )

At the library

On the plane!!!!!!!!!!
and I'm sure the hunky gay air stewards wouldn't mind helping you out! especially Crason Cee! Hehehehe!

Car wash, ATM Machine, Bus, Bus-Stop!

And of course, Shannon is proud of his fetish in Speedos and Underwears! 
Who doesn't?! I'm also proud! 

These pictures are posed purposely for his article on how to become a paparazzi hot news by stripping off his surf suit in public! - Nice?!

I wonder when will Australia's premier gay magazine, DNA, features him on their cover?!

And not forgetting, his immensely popular, "NAKED TUESDAY" posts of himself!

I'm sure you guys are already full by just the sight of it!!! - Oh, Behave my dears!

Now, for a Caucasian, he has one of the most perfect, proportionate tanline I've ever seen! Most caucasians' tanlines are either from the boardshorts or their Speedos are just not skimpy enough to make it sexy! -- This time, even our sexy Japanese Gay Porn Stars with tanlines gained from all the tannings on skimpy Arena/Speedos/Aqux/Mizuno, have to admit defeat to Shannon!

Looking very bubbly and perky in 2eros Underwear!

I still can't believe he's half Malaysian...How nice if he has some history link with Malaysia....Cuz he admits that he doesn't know how to speak Malay and has not been back to Malaysia, like, ages?! - I'm not sure whether he can speak Chinese though....

Looking for some love....Anyone wants to offer some help?!

Since he's part Asian, in my personal opinion, Shannon looks good  in Speedos made for Asian Cut! Just like the above Aqux from Japan! - Somehow, his well proportionate "package" does play a part in making him looking "just-the-right-fit! compared to Guys with too endowed packages that made them look kinda out-of-place!

And among all the Speedo pictures of him,I feel Shannon looks the best in this Asian Cut Arena Swim Trunk ( or because I'm a lil' biased cz I myself owned the same version/color of that swim trunk? Just that I need to minus all the six-packs and well as the butt, dickies, or, ....everything else - lor!!! )

The sexy hunk from Down Under!
( And here's a lil' trivia for you guys.....He's proud to be uncut! Hehehehehe )

With that,I hope you guys enjoy today's post and please visit his blog at

At the moment, Shannon is running a teaser post where if he manages to collect 100 Facebook "Likes", he'll put up some pictures of how he looks like in CK Steel's Underwear! - At this point of writing, he already has 47 Likes! What are you guys waiting for?!! Go visit his website now! =)


Takashi said...

i like the grey trunk and how it brings out his cock shape...

N2n.. love it so much.

xoussef said...

I see someone has selflessly done a lot of research again... And of course poor thing didn't enjoy it one bit of it -__- !

simonlover said...

@Takashi: Nice leh. Nxtm i wear it 4u 2c! hehe

@Xoussef: Not ur preference, eh? Mind telling which kinda guys u like?! =P

Rob said...

I'm a regular reader of Shannon's blog and I was lucky enough to meet him in person when he came down to Melbourne for a pool party at one of our gay saunas. He was looking so hot in his sexy, low cut speedos. I think it might actually have been an N2N pair. He was so nice when I went up and talked to him. He is not just a sexy guy but also a friendly and down to earth person too.

Anonymous said...

I have met Shannon at a DNA party. Can't say I was impressed. Loves himself too much and takes his "stardom" too seriously for my liking.

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