Monday, December 27, 2010

Morning Erections When Sleeping Naked!

Here is a Question found from the Net:

a) "Hi guys! I'm a full time freeballer ( sleep naked ) and I love it! However, whenever i get into bed and feel the soft sheet touch my cock, I'll get a Boner ( Erection ). This happens everytime i hop ito bed. Anyone else get this problem and how can i stop it from happening? "

b) I wear boxers to bed shirtless so I am comfortable (I can't sleep with a shirt on) but I get embarrassed when I get a boner in the morning and it sticks out forms a tent in my boxers.

And here are some of the answers given by fellow forummers:

  • I have had the same prob. but it has really subsided in the past couple of weeks. I think like any other new sensation the body will adjust and get use to it and react less. 
Too erect perhaps?!
  • Yes, I've been sleeping naked for about 4 years now (I'm 18) and I go to sleep and wake up with a hard-on.

  • Most guys wake up with a hardon...Enjoy it now, there might be a time when you are old that you might long for those morning woodies...

  • Sounds like a normal reaction to me. I wear just a t-shirt so my genitals are not covered in bed, and yes a stiffy does sometimes occur from the stimulation, and the more you move around in bed with an erection rubbing against the sheets, the more stimulated it gets. Wearing nothing over your genitals in bed should automatically encourage masturbation which is the answer to the 'problem'.
  • You have to train those things. They can be very stubborn and may require a more severe form of punishment to correct the problem. I have been beating the hell out of mine for years, but it only remembers for a little while. Some times you have to beat it every day. I sometimes think it enjoys the punishment. I know I Do. LOL
  • why would you want to? I think a man having morning wood is probably the sexiest thing ever. If I had a man sleeping next to me that would make my morning every morning

  • I love my morning boxer bump. Don't be embarrassed about it. morning wood is a great thing.

  • Morning erections are ok if you can find a partner or when sleeping with another.But if you want to prevent them ,you can try the following:-
  1. Masturbate before you go to bed
  2. Do not eat chocolate or sweets in evenings or before going to bed
  3. Wash your penis with cold water before you go to bed
  4. Do not read porno books or Cds before you go to bed
  5. Do not wear tight vests or brief while sleeping
So Guys! Do you guys have a problem of having persistent MORNING ERECTION especially sleeping in the nude? Do share some of your experiences with us ya! Muacks!


William said...

It's not a problem if you're not sharing your room with strangers.

Koala Express said...

u ah. do wat also no use 1 lar. sure hardon. haha...

SZ said...

share room wit someone will be naizzzer la..haha

Simon Lee said...

get bed sheets that don't stimulate you so much ;P

goMercury said...

have susan boyle as an alarm clock? she will wake you up, but you will not want to get a hard-on lolz

nicky05 said...

din include ur back shoot in the post?...:PPP

Horny BF said...

Hahaha .... I for one cannot withstand the need to constantly rearrange the didi in the middle of the night, and the skin slipping in and out. :)

Just too disturbing for the night's rest.

simonlover said...

@William: That's why need to wear underwear if sleep with others!

@Koala:You wanna try my da hardon?! =P

@SZ: you dun1 to share with me!!!!

@GoMercury: Haha. Bt i like Susan Boyle's songs wor. Hehe

@Nicky: Haha. Which "back" shoot picture. Nt bad ur visual memories!

@Horny BF:U so piggie. Doen't make a difference lor. hehe

Bravebear said...

Maybe u can add one more, "Do not ogle at sexy hunks from simonlover" :p

ray brixton said...

your blog is always so interesting... so many pics and juicy things.. haha.. love it! take care and happy 2011.. huat ar!! from ray (

danny said...

i love to sleep naked cause it just feel very comfortable and nice.

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