Friday, December 31, 2010

Lighten Up 2011 With A Guy Named Sunny!

Today is the last day of 2010. And what's better than ending my blog for 2010 with a HUNKY MALAYSIAN GUY...My blog is, after all, aimed at promoting the BEST OF MALAYSIAN GUYS to the rest of the good looking guys ( everyone is handsome in their own way! ) in the world! So, with that, I would like to lighten up your last day of 2010, as well as for those who've just visited my blog on Jan 1, 2011, with a guy named SUNNY! -- Please have a look of his pictures first ya!

With arms strong enough to bend a guy with a heart of steel!!!!

With thighs agile enough to rock the floor!

With eyes electrifying enough to beat the hell of Cyclops!

Always ready to make his move whenever the "time & feeling" is right!

Hitting his first strike with pointy nipples that put many women in the world to shame!!!

And bringing SEXY BACK to the world of MALAYSIAN GUYS!

This post is also indirectly dedicated to the Horny BF's sexy & hunky landlord, because he's the one who has a crush on him and said that Sunny also has a brother, who's equally handsome, bt unfortunately, he's straight. Well, just like what he said, we need to leave some of the handsome guys to the girls and help to reproduce a genetic pool of handsome babies in the future. If all handsome guys are gays, then there'll be less handsome kids around for our future generation to play with!!!!! Yikes!!! ---

Also, this post is dedicated to the sexy blogger ... because he also have a crush on Sunny ever since he "came" face-to-face with Sunny Cheong, clad only in his Calvin Klein undies, with his crotch at his eye level, at the changing room of Celebrity Fitness!!! Tsk, tsk, tsk

Whenever you feel blue, think of this hunky stud in orange trunk. Definitely will lighten up your day!

Or when you're in the toilet and the time passes by so slowly, try to think of Sunny Cheong =P

A lengchai thinking of another lengchai. Who can it be leh?! =)

I bet he's good on the dancefloor as well! besides being good on............ =P

A lengchai looking for lengchais. How ironic can it be?!! =P

The pictures above are taken by a sexy, hunky photographer with equally pointy nipples, that are hard enough to blind you guys, by the name of HEART PATRICK! You can visit his website over here: . He's a professional photographer who has no qualms in providing professional "services" ( tsk, tsk, tsk ) at your doorstep! Wedding, self-potraits, artistic pictorials or anything that needs a professional photographer services, feel free to contact him ya!

Hahaha. Okok, enough of nonsense, it's time to introduce a little bit of Sunny Cheong!

Name: Sunny Cheong Meng Sun 游干水
DOB: 1979 ( 31 years old )
Stats: 175cm, 65kg, 40", 29", 33"
Occupation: Multimedia Designer, Fitness Trainer & Instructor at Celebrity Fitness.

He had participated in New Icon's Magazine, The Hottest Hunks in Malaysia way back in 2005.

He was also named in Female's Mag Top 50 Beautiful People.

And he used to model for Private Structure Underwears as well....

A very, very old picture indeed. Unless any of my readers have more collections of him in PS undies to be shared with me - lor! - This one i sourced from

Private moment with Sunny Cheong...Anyone?

Finally, saving the best for last, a wonderful set of black & white pictures, taken by another evergreen photographer by the name of Norm Yip, sourced from his website,

Look at that diameter of his!!!!!!! Yikes!

Whether it's Black or White Lies, Sunny Cheong is for real!!

Peek-A-Boo!!! You prefer the front? ---

Or the rear instead?!!!

But what we know for sure.........

With a charming smile like his.....


Muacks from Simon Lover!


Anonymous said...

look at those nipples..hmmm

William said...

Happy New Year, Simon.

SZ said...

happy new year simon!

he is hot, me likes! XD he is btm rite as i heard..wanna bum into him one day. lol

Chen Xing said...

Yummy. Seen him before in the gym...

tuls said...

happy new year simonsimon!!

Tenchunk said...

ha, thx for lighting up us with another gorgeous malaysian yummy. Happy New Year!

Rob H said...

Happy New Year Simon! You sure know how to get the new year off to a good start with such a handsome man :-)

REMEMBER said...

happy new year simon.

well just cant imagine him in those picture before.. Now how am i going to face him in the class??????

simonlover said...

@Thanks everyone for the New Year wishes!

@SZ: Bottom? Yikes! Like that ma not ngam you?! How?!

@Chen Xing: Lucky You!

@Remember:A good start for you to start flirting wit him lor! Follow him to d lockers! =P

Anonymous said... he gay??

link within

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