Friday, October 15, 2010

Tom Daley - London's 2012 Greatest Hope!

( Putting aside the the arguments between me & the Horny One esp. in the previous post! -- Hm! )

Firstly, I would like to congratulate our Malaysian contingent in winning 14 Gold Medals at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games New Delhi 2010 ( The best achievement ever since Malaysia joined the games back in 1950! ).

Though I did not manage to watch any of the games on TV, but there are a few sports that always catch my attention, nevertheless! - Hehehe.

So, today's attention will be on England's Youngest and Best Male Diver at the moment, Tom Daley!

However, I would like to add a little disclaimer over here before I'm caught for being a paedophile! - Tom Daley was born on 1994, hence, he's only 16 years old at the moment. However, he's been a public figure since appearing in England's Olympic 2008 team when he was only 14 years old. There are many pictures of Tom Daley on the net, legally, especially his Diving pictures as well as modelling / sponsorship photos. Therefore, I would like to declare that by no means, I'm being paedophilic by posting his pictures over here okay. You guys should blame the photographers by snapping vivid photos of Tom Daley in actions instead!

Tom Daley is the defending 10m Platform Men's Diving World Champion ( which he won at last year's World Championships ) and in the recently concluded Commonwealth Games, he managed to win 2 Gold medals in 10m Individual Platform and 10m Synchronised Platform Diving, defeating reigning Olympic 2008 Champion, Australia's Matthew Mitcham ( who is a hottie as well and extra credits should be given to him by being one of the most popular, openly gay, Olympic champion! )

Silver: Matthew Mitcham ( Aus ), Gold: Tom Daley and Bronze: Malaysia's Bryan Nickson!

And here are some shots of Tom Daley in action at the Commonwealth Games!


Haha...He's kinda hairy isn't he?............. But still....Hehehe


Now, I don't think he looks like 16 years old at all, especially with that kinda body - lor!!!!!!!
Do you see 16 year old Malaysian Boys having well-toned body like that?

Celebrating his winning moment with the runner-up, Matthew Mitcham ( Aus )
( Unluckily for Mitcham, Tom' has a girlfriend! )

Here are the rest of the photos found on the net as well.

European Championships 2010, Romania.

Youth Olympic Games 2010, Singapore.
 Having a lil' wardrobe malfunction after diving into the water! - Yikes! - I wonder how come the Speedo is already so TIGHT, yet it still can come off?!!

 Modelling with Kate Moss for Adidas!

It's good to see Caucasian guys tanning in speedos...American Guys?!!! They are too sissies to do that!

How Tom Daley has grown up; L-15 yo; R-16 yo....  
And I wonder how he'll looks like when he reach 20 years old!

The Making Of A Future British Sports Icon!

 Tom Daley is ever ready to greet us with a splash in London Olympics 2012!


William said...

He hurt his tricep? He seems to like to park his dick to the left! XD

Takashi said...

i was watching the finals on wed nite!!!!

Mr.D said...

Diving apart from rhtymic gymnastic is the few sports with under age athletes. This Tom Daley is an amazing diver.

Anonymous said...

Nice package.

Paul Figaro J said...

opening congratulate malaysia team... then sekali content abt england's diver pulak... >.>
I'm surprise he is allow not to shave his legs

simonlover said...

@William & Mr.D: Yup, he very cham one. Because of that, he dived miserably in the European Championships, Youth Olympics Games. Bt lucky managed to recover just in time!

@Takashi: And...? Ur trunks came off as well?!!!

@Paul: Hahaha. You should also know ho whard isit to get pictures of Malaysian swimmers/divers in trunks right!!! WHich Msian u want me to feature? Josiah Ng? Koo Kien Kiet? Daniel Bego?

Cally Choo said...

nice guy~

Mr.D said...

yeoh ken nee please, our diver also.

Anonymous said...

Paedophiles are attracted to children!!! As Tom is 16 and that is the age of consent in the UK, he is in no way a child. So no need for you to make that statement. - Ian

PS Must say Shannon doesn't look part Asian at all.

Rob said...

Lucky Matthew Mitcham! He is a gay man who gets to hug hunky boys in their speedos as part of his job! Who wouldn't want a job like that?

simonlover said...

@Mr.D: That's d prob! I can't find clearer & more up close & personal pics of him - yet - leh!

@Ian:16 is the age of consent for.....? hehehe

@Rob: I would prefer his other job scope where he gets to shower naked with all the hunky boys, without their speedos on and better yet, get to see them in full glory!!!!!!!!!

Nameless said...

I never noticed that he was so hairy.. Tak cantik liao... Hahaha... Lols.. Parks his dond to the left huh.. How do YOU park?

--sporean reader--

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