Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cute? You ain't seen nothing yet!

Awww...This boy is so cute that you feel like wanna pinch his cheeks and give him a peck! He's too soft-looking and weak to defend himself from the onslaught of your advances! But...Do not be deceived by his looks cuz YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET of him, especially what's underneath da clothes!

Watashiwa, Kawaii desu ka?!
Tomodatchi, mo ii desu ka?!

Ie..Mochiron douzo!

Kimochi desuka?...Iku..Iku...?! Hehehehe...

And You Guys Think He's So Easy To Give In To Your Orders? 
There's ain't gonna be any pleasure galore for you?! Instead..This is what you'll going to get!!!
Like they always say, "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!"

A 6 packs to heaven!

Nipples pointy enough to burst the balloons!

Chest smooth enoughto let the oil flows freely!

Body hairless enough for the sweats to evaporate easily!

Skimpy ARENA swim trunk is the choice for Asian Guys!

With that kinda body, I'm sure the Marines wouldn't mind him being their poster boy!

-- The Body back in 2009 --
Guess back then he haven't put on enough weight to complement his rapid bulging muscles.

And I guess he overdid it a lil' and have not gotten a tan yet! But it's okay, everything is the past. Since he's now one helluva hottie and cutie as well!

So, Do Not "MESS" ( depends on how you guys see the word "Mess" over here ) With This Cutie!

As he'll "poked" and "fingered" your eyes out!

Stripped you naked to the floor!

"Elbow slammed" you like The Rock till you shout "Oh, Mother Fucker, yeah!"

Before releasing you after you had "cum" and apologize to him!

So, who say's cuties are softies?!
-- Please eat your words, my dear! --


Horny BF said...


Koala Express said...

his skin is really tanned. he likes beaches? :P

Darrenl said...

Uh.... but he is so twinky!!!

nicky05 said...

Like the tanned body shoots...:D

Anonymous said...

Too skinny...urrgh...

Willk said...

he is not cute and all. The adv is he had the tone body that everyone wish to have but the tool seem like too small. :p

Robb said...

i duno abt u guys. i'd tap him over and over again. lol

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