Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Growing Up - Is it Good or Not? - Part 2!

Oh My GOD! I can't believe it's been 3 months since my previous post on Part 1 ( You can see the lengchai over HERE ) -- Now, that's why I don't agree with Growing Up is a GOOD thing! - Time really waits for no one!
Growing up is a natural process. Everyone passes through the stages of growing up in different kind of experiences. Some people became wiser, more mature looking, smarter, well-groomed, and well, some people prefer to take another route by transforming themselves into a totally different person compared to their twinky years - Just like the handsome twink below who has grown into a hunky male stud!

( p/s: This is one of those kinda guys that really makes me jump up from my chair and immediately put me into a trance-like infatuation state of mind! - I was initially awed with his pictures while browsing a website. He was identified as "Diandra Rizaldie", an Indonesian guy -- So i googled for him but there were not many information at all! - However, upon further investigation, it turns out that the profile is a fake and he's actually a Thai Guy instead -- With that, please enjoy this cute Thai guy that oozes with sex appeal, coupled with an electrifying glance that instantaneously melt your heart and a devilish cheeky smile that makes you fall into his trap charm.!)

Nickname:  Guessvy Waii
Born: 5 Aug, 1986 ( 24 yo ), Bangkok, Thailand.
Stats: 175cm, 65kg

Guessvy Waii during his 2007 days....!

Back then, he has not developed any chest yet. Just a slim, cute, twinky Thai Boy.

Guessvyy, during his 2008 - days!

A little bit of baby fats scattered around here & there....
ANd he has quite a lot of body hair as well!

However, beginning of 2009, a minor transformation has begun,...
Guessvy started to experiment with body hair trimming / waxing! - As well as new hairstyles!

And do you guys think that his experiments have become a success?!

We'll just let the pictures do the talking - ya!

Thailand Boys like to wear boxers!

I don't know - But maybe due to it's exorbitant prices of underwears in Thai's departmental stores that made it out-of-reach to the majority? - To give you guys an idea, a basic RENOMA 3-pcs underwear where we can get about RM30 ( Malaysia ) or S$20 ( Singapore )....costs THB650 ( about RM65 ) in Thailand! - Seriously, no wonder every gay guy is buying Groovin underwears over there! 

But who's complaining anyway....With him looking so hot in boxers, and a sexy treasure trail line that make us wanting to discover what's hidden underneath it, I'd say it's definitely one of the greatest inventions on earth! Hehehehe

And now, Guessvy 2010! 

Whatcha lookin' at babe? Haven't seen a handsome Thai Guy before?!

If he ever decides to have a nipple pierced, I can't imagine what will the PLU crowd do to him!

I'm so embarrassed to put so many shirtless pictures of him instead of decent ones......

Because there's not many fully-clothed pictures of him on the Net!

And this are some of his rare pictures in clothes!

With this picture "SO-SALAH" to be posed and snapped as well!

And if you compare his pictures back in 2007 and 2010...
You'll notice that he has kept his chest well-trimmed instead of letting it growing into bushes!

I'm not sure how he does it, but from the picture above, I think he shaved his chest instead! Ouch! - I don't think it's a wise idea - lor. Waxing would be a better option and I'm sure many of my readers wouldn't mind helping him out, RIGHT?!!!

2008 vs 2010!

Haha...He's kinda vain pot as well.

Damn, this picture makes me SO-MISS the Bangkok Boys in skinny jeans!  

( Just a lil' sidetrack here ...Airasia will have her RM1 Mega Sale once again on 13-17 October 2010; Travel period 1 April - 11 Aug 2011! Don't miss the chances ya! )

With that, I shall end my post for today.....No matter what's the reality that sets in, everyone grows up and the future is ours to determine, whatever that it's best for us!

Have A Good Night Sleep to everyone...

and if you guys wanna look and stay handsome always....Do it like Guessvym by sleeping together with a bunch of Men's HEalth magazine! The positive flow coming from the mags is definitely worth the try! Hehehehe ...Who knows?
Maybe in a month's time, you'll see some improvements, like the number of wet dreams? Hehehe.


Mr.D said...

i want him. send to my address please. thank you. aha

Bravebear said...

If i am not wrong... Aaron would prefer the link to his blog removed...

William said...

I only like that last picture. But maybe because the cover boys helped. Haha.

Little Dove said...

Guessvy... What a cool name!

Anonymous said...

Quick question... At 27, di you still get wet dreams? Anf what us your take on unkempt underarm hair like this guy?

link within

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