Saturday, May 19, 2012

Apsara Spa Male To Male Massage!

Last weekend I have a quick getaway to Singapore. Because it was a short trip, basically I had to cover many places to fulfill me desires ... Tsk,tsk,tsk .... Plus, there are a lot of walking and standing in Singapore ( e.g..Walking to the MRT station and standing on a crowded MRT throughout the entire journey! } Hence, once back, I was aching all over my body.

So, how did I overcome it? Well...I went Horny of course! -- By going for a massage....After so many visits to Kursani, I wanted a change. Finally, I decided to pay Apsara Spa a visit!


The Best Relaxation one can get is being massaged by a sexy, hunky and handsome male masseur! 

Apsara Spa is one of the better known spas in Kuala Lumpur. Probably because the offer many types of services such as massages, body scrubs, body rituals and hydrotherapy. Since their prices are kinda steep as well, one might expect they will provide a quality service too!

I actually like this massage position. Each time the palms move around my pubic area, immediately you can see a bigger tent than that! Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Upon entering the premise, I was greeted by a slightly balding middle-aged man before asking me to take a seat. For front desk service point of view, the way he talked and responded made him sounds like he's in a hurry ( Wei, it was still 8.00 pm wor ... Another 2 hours before closing shop! ) -- I asked about the ritual and body scrub, immediately he replied that I need a booking for that and they only do massages. Well, not that I'm complaining ....

What I don't like is, the way they market their Spa as a Premium, Quality Spa center but yet, no smiling faces and explanations on what type of services do I need --- Instead of immediately shoving me to the massage room after I said I wanted Traditional Body Massage .... Wonder where's the Mama-san Courtesies gone too - eh?! -- Like not asking me ... "You like strong or relaxing massage? Which Guy do you want? We have this, this, that, that guy ..... while flipping his fan and blinking to show off his long eyelashes?!!"

So, upon entering the massage room, the slightly balding guy did not even show me where's the toilet and shower room is? He could have use his common sense, a customer walking in his working attire, obviously he's been out working the whole day and has a dirty, sweaty body which needs to be rinsed off before proceeding to lie on the bed and dirtying the bed sheet as well as the masseurs hands? Lucky I'm one helluva sexy clean bitch!!! -- Imagine if I'm a "Austin Power's Big Fat Bastard" or a "Dirty Hairy Stud"? The masseur will obviously feel very nauseous, right? Hmmmmm .........  

The service was fast though, I was just unbuttoning my third or fourth button before the masseur came in ...! Imagine he needs to wait for me to strip finish? Finally, there I was ... Lying stark naked on the bed..Waiting to be massaged by this 29-years-old Malay masseur.... He was a friendly guy though. Quite chatty, loves sensual touches but the massage skills ..... Hmmmmm, let's just say it was only 4/10 ..... Because I like strong massages that involve a lot of power presses and twists, the guy was still massaging me sensually even though I actually hinted to him that he can massage harder cuz I like "urut yang kuat"! 

All-in-all ... The final ratings for that faithful massage:
a) Massage Skill           : 4/10  ( They should improve their masseurs' massaging skill to avoid customers feeling shortchanged --- Their prices are not cheap, ya'know ... ! )
b) Sensual Atmosphere : 8/10  ( He kept caressing my asshole and running through my oily shaft, not sensual  meh?
c) Cleanliness                : 10/10 ( One of the cleanest massage center! )
d) Design & Atmosphere : 10/10 ( Nice, cool, relaxing, very Balinese style )
e) Front Desk Service     : 5/10 ( Why 5? Shouldn't it be 0 since I hated the first guy who served me? Well, that's because the guy whom I made the payment before checking out was cute and well-mannered!!! --- That's the reason!!!! )
f) Masseur Selections    : 6/10 ( From what  I gathered, Apsara currently has 6 masseurs ... 5 Chinese & 1 Malay --- And that night, I actually saw 3 of them which looked quite "desirable"!!! - Which unfortunately, happened afte I've finish my massage and was sitting at the couch finishing my complimentary tea.. }

So, verdict?
Will I visit Apsara Spa again?

Well, to be fair...This review was based on the first visit per se ... It's always best if one have tried a few times as well as other services provided before judging it .... I will definitely visit Apsara for that 3 good-looking masseurs, which I have not "tried" yet! Jeff perhaps? -- But then again, I'm the customer who is hard to please because of me insisting to rate the massage centres based on their masseurs who are able to massage and "pressed" me hard!!! -- I don't like sensual massage ya'know ... Those sensual massages are usually for Horny, Hairy Old Mens while I can have sex with anyone and anytime I want ... What I really look for in massage is massages that can help relieve my body aches, pains and winds, ya'know?!!!!

But sadly, the masseurs who can always give me the best & strongest massage are always straight uncles. Hence, sometimes having a Gay Male Masseurs can be a disappointment to me .... Why? Because most of the time, these Gay Masseurs couldn't resist to XXXX, especially when they face a desirable customer ... Well, I don't mind XXXX with da masseurs, just that I like to do XXXX after the massage instead! But usually if after the massage $$$$ will always come into play!!!! Yikes!

This two pictures are actually Singaporean hunks posing for massage shots!

You can visit their website for further information:

And here is the map of Apsara Spa's location.

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Takashi said...

It was a matter of massuer, after my regular massuer left, i dont go anymore becausae i think the others cannot live up to my expectations.

Yes, if u had made a booking, u'll probably get better service and greeting.. Like i always did.. And when i go, i always take the rm245 packages..

Anonymous said...

Hi, dear, who do you recommend for a massage at kursani...?thx for the info.

Da Closet Guy said...

I went to Apsara once. Price is on the expensive side but you get what you paid for, at least that's what I felt.

I too chose the RM245 package and was quite satisfied with the massage and everything that came with it. Anyways, it is advisable to call beforehand (at least 30min will do, that's what I did last time) and take the package that will end before their closing time. Also, I think they have different people assigned to different massage packages? Just guessing (;

Oh... In terms of good massage, Kursani hasn't let me down (except that the place needs to be refurbished and the towels need to be changed). I just go with any massuer assigned (:

Don said...

Hey Simonlover,

If you like strong massage, I would recommend you Sempurna Avenue in Miharja. Most of the massuers there can give good massage. I usually go for Alex (from Myanmar) and never once left unsatisfied :-)

Anonymous said...

I visited to this Spa and i will never visit again for the below reasons:
1. The middle aged guy who greeted and collect money was unfriendly, like what SimonLover said, like in hurry.
2. The masseur is not cute enough.
3. The charges is steep too.

However, i must agree the Cleanliness is 10/10!

Anonymous said...

the masseurs are not cute enough? But Simon said the contrary.

Apsara offers Body Talk Signature Massage, does anybody care to explain this?


simonlover said...

@Don: Okay, I'll try Alex next time. But, is he cute? =)

Da Closet Guy said...

Went to Apsara again. This time, the massage is more to sensual than having real massage. Well, if you want a real massage session, this might not be the best place. But if you are looking something in between (massage and pleasure in a clean and relax environment), you can give this place a try.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Simon, just wondering if you have been to Freshm2m in Cheras? If yes, Is it a safe place to go? I.e. any raids? Also how is the massage and masseurs there? Care to share?

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JengHowe said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi anyone know what happen to Apsara spa I try to call them a few time but nobody answer

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Anonymous said...

I tried calling apsara too, but the message was the line was out of service. So dissapointed, wanted to fresh but not able to find the place.

Johan Deal said...

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krishna singh said...

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Khoo said...


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Thanks.. :)

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