Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Endings can be Elusive....

Here are some wonderful pictures of a lovely couple from China, whom i only know as "Wang Zixuan & Liu Qi. I'm sure many of you guys have seen the first few pictures below before and were wondering who are these sexy yet lovely couple?!!!

From L-R: Liu Qi & Wang Zixuan

Now, i just wish more couples are proud enough to show more of their intimate pictures to the world - lor! Hehehe... Agree guys?!
[ How about William & Derek?!!! =P ]

And i wonder who's Top @ Bottom @ both Versatiles ?!!!

Now, Chinese guys can be very good looking indeed! 

Very sweet couple indeed! From their blog, it seems that they got hooked up in middle of 2008 - kot.

Haha...Those tanline(s) can give mine a fight to the end - lor! 

Their relationship expose^ on the internet were so popular that China gay websites such as and even had featured articles/photo shoots of them, just like the pictures above.

Haha..Too some...Their lovey-dovey pictures are too much to handle ( erm...terlalu lebih-lebih?! )..Thus putting off some people who are envious of their relationship!

Wang Zixuan & Liu Qi

Maybe i should dye my hair once more. Honestly speaking, i have only dyed my hair...THRICE in my lifetime!!!!!!!!!!! -- Pathetic isn't it?!!! - And only ONCE where the brownish colour kinda look striking enough to be seen where else the other TWO, were dark brown where you can't barely even see it except under the Sunlight - nia!!!! - Blame it on my stupid occupation at the moment - lor!!!

Now, that tattoo on Wang Zixuan aka Prince X, is real, ok!! 

But my attention is definitely on Wang Zixuan. 
Don't you guys agree that he's kinda good-looking & kinda ?
DOB: 13 Feb 1984 ( 26 yo )
Hometown: Shenyang, China.

( For blogger's information & referring to his latest post on guys going under the knife.... - My answer would be - "I don't mind going under the knife to look as good as someone like him - loR!!!!!!!! " - )

He likes to show some skin, doesn't he?!!!

Definitely "Sex In The City"!

After all the lovely pictures of this cute couple, it's sad for me to say that, they actually broke up early of this year! - I don't really know what were the reasons for breaking up, cuz i don't really know how to read Mandarin and Google Translator ain't much help either ( I'm sure you guys know all the funny kinds of words coming out from Google Translator right? ) - But i know both of them went through a difficult period of forgetting or even learn to let go of each other back then....Thus, making "Happy Ending" sounds like just a Fantasy that is not achievable?! - Sigh......

Happier moments where Liu Qi celebrated his birthday in last December with Wangzixuan...! 

February 2010...Wangzixuan celebrated his Birthday all by himself..with a few close friends of cuz! 

A vow that is never meant to last...... =(

 However, do not feel sad. From Wang Zixuan's latest blog entries, it seems that he have found a new love in the name of a twinky boy called "Liu He".  Life goes on for everyone, don't they. We'll just hope Liu Qi also manages to find someone that loves him too, ya!
Wang, with his new boy, "Liu He"

Hmmm...I somehow don't really like this "Liu He" boy. He gives me the impression that he's like the "Third Party" that broke this wonderful relationship! Hahaha -- Which brings me back to the popular, old Beverly Hills 90210 series, way, way, back in early 90's, circa 1991-1992 ( i was still in primary school, still "un-pubertized" yet..Haha ), 

I was an avid supporter of Brenda ( Shannen Doherty )! I hated Kelly ( Jennie Garth ), who was her best friend, for stealing her boyfriend when Brenda was away, and ask her to keep an eye of her boyfriend, Dylan ( Luke Perry ). I kept hoping that Brenda will get back together with Dylan, but until the final season before Shannen Doherty left the series, my hope has never been realized. Hahaha...Oh, well, what can i do, eh?! 

Luke Perry & Shannen Doherty!

Anyway...Enjoy your weekend ya!


William said...

The first pic is SUPER hot!
Is this like some kind of J.Law and Kirio?

tenchunk said...

Better job than paparazzi!!! But I gotta tell u that Liu Qi has found his Mr. right too. I can send you his photos if u would like that, lol.

nicky05 said...

sweet couple end so quickly

allan said...

so when is simonlover going to show us some intimate photos of you and the horny lover together..hehe.

˙·٠•●❤Sh@KiR@ ❤●•٠·˙ said...

Simon Darling, of YOUR BEST POST, Simon! Love the photos. I do love HAPPY ENDINGS. YOUR BLOG ROCKS!

Yes I am traveling to and fro..having the BEST times.
Still in my honeymoon. WOOT!

I will stop by ...YOU are one of my favorite blogger , you know.

Keep up the GREAT WORK!

hugs and kissesssssssssssss

auntie shakira

p.s GOOD second daughter drove the Korean guys WILD with her hairstyle...

casual observer said...

I notice you almost always wonder who is top and who is bottom in your postings..

Is it that important to know?? It seems to relegate same-sex relationships to nothing more than bonking...

Just an observation.

blue said...

thanks for the special mention :P

Well, who doesn't want to look great and hog all the limelight? But it comes with a big BUT.. im sure good looking people have their own problems too, possibly more complicated.

Prove that im wrong but i think its almost natural for them to have unrealistic expectations of their partner, partly due to their good looks and ample potential partners available at the flick of a finger. Prolly this is the cause of separation too.

Hence enjoy your life with your horny bf, with or without opting to go under the knife. After all he already accepted who u are, without the artificialities :)

Skyhawk said... and hot! Sweet couples...but haiz! That could be the consequences of being popular...

SZ said...


M's Little Devil said...

OMG SO CUTE!!! MWAHAHAHA my first post ever over here XD i've been 'stalking' your blog since i discovered it on my hubby's ahahaha XD

Well, i hope you know who am i though XD

Anonymous said...

Too bad their relationship is over. Agreed, dont like the look of the new BF - he looks sly.
But at least you and the Horny One are still together after all this time, so happy endings are possible. Just remember if, one day you do live together, being in each other's face 24/7, so to speak, can cause problems. Then you give each other space. - Ian

PS Would like to see Simon in those hot pink shorty shorts. So sexy. Grrrrr :)

Bravebear said...

now i know his name. Prince X is really cute and hot at the same time...

simonlover said...

@William: Haha.I think J.Law, Kirio saga is even more fake leh! Hehe

@Tenchunk: Oh really!Maybe just a pic of his BF?!

@Allan: I got shown before...But have to search for it lar. Hehe

@Shakira: I'm sure u drive Malaysians WILD too due to ur younger-than-age looks!

@Casual Observer:Oh, sorry if i had offended u. Actually, the main reason why i always like to ask who's T/B is because i just want to know who's the husb@wife - ma. That's all.

@Blue: Well..looking Handsome is for my own personal satisfaction - ma. Hehe - which is something hard to be fulfilled!

@Nicky,Skyhawk,SZ: Well, there are cute couples that lasts too. =)

@M's Little Devil: Yikes, my first reply to u are already late!Paiseh. THanks. - And i don;t know who are you -leh?!! - nor ur hubby! Mind giving some hints?

@Ian: Haha. I might have the rear package to pull of a great escape on the hot pink shorts....Otherwise, i still need to tone my abs, chest, thighs, "enlargement"....Hahaha

@Bravebear: Haha. Me also just knew it recently.That's why i did this post immediately after knowing it.


M's Little Devil said...

im 100% sure u noe my hubby XD U ask William :P He knows haha XD

Shah said...

uve made me in LOVE with zixuan. he is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

this couple story is really same to sad...but what the different is i dont have new bf after him...but he does...he does b4 we broke up

Anonymous said...

That little skinny couple was so cute! But, young guys never stay together very long. They always find another cock to chase, never satisfied with what they have.

He will dump that new bf too, after a bit. His ego is probably too big to just give.

Lots of young gay guys and lots of mature gay guys want a cute partner to show off like a diamond ring or a fancy mink stole. It is not really love, just an ego trip. It boosts their ego to be seen with another cute guy who is hanging all over them.

In the gay world there are lots of lonely guys, so the few that have boyfriends like to make all the lonely ones jealous of them.

The wheel of Karma turns though, and eventually they end up lonely themselves and then others make them jealous.

Selfishness never pays! Learn to love for real. What is love? Love is an OUTGOING CONCERN, not a selfish need.

link within

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