Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Taiwan's Men's Uno Mag - Top 10 Rising Post-80's Stars!

Earlier of the year, Taiwan's Men's Uno Magazine had published a Top 10 List of the Rising Post-80's Male Stars in Taiwanese Entertainment Industry...So, here are the list of the stars!

Ethan Ruan Jing Tian ( 阮经天 )
DOB: 8 Nov 1982. Taiwan

Godfrey Tsao ( Gao Yi Xiang - 高以翔 )
DOB: 22 Sep 1984, Taiwan

Jiro Wang ( Wang Dong Chen - 汪东城 )
DOB: 24 Aug 1981, Taiwan

Joseph Chang ( Zhang Xiaoquan - 張孝全 )
DOB: 28 Dec 1983, Taiwan

Mark Chao ( Zhao Yu Ting - 趙又廷 )
DOB: 25 Sep 1984, Taiwan

Tony Yang ( Yang You Ning - 楊祐寧 )
DOB: 30 Aug 1982, Taiwan

Eddie Peng ( Peng Yu-Yan - 彭于晏 )
DOB: 24 March 1982, Taiwan

Han Geng  ( 韩庚 )
DOB: 9 Feb 1984, China ( Member of Super Junior, Korea )

Joe Cheng ( Zheng Yuanchang - 郑元畅 )
DOB: 19 June 1982, Taiwan

Janine Zhang ( Zhang Junning - 张峻宁 )
DOB: 22 March 1985, China


William said...

Is it Ethan Juan or Ethan Ruan?

M's Little Devil said...

OMG ETHAN RUAN!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! MY 2ND HUSBAAANNDDD!!!~~~ XD sadly he's straight sob...

@myself, actually it's Ruan but i dont know why GSC put Juan =.="

simonlover said...

@William: It's Ethan Ruan.

@M's Little Devil: Haha. I still hvnt figure out who is ur boiboi!

blue said...

i would pick ethan for boyish charm, joseph for sensual manliness and eddie for devilboy look! LOL..

simonlover said...

@Blue: Few weeks back i saw a variety show featuring Eddie. HE used to be a very plump & chubby kid - And look what he had transformed into?!! - Not forgetting Vaness Wu as well! - That's why, it's always easier for plump kids to have a killer body compared to slim guys like me, where i dun have any fats to "work-out" with!

blue said...

rather than about having fats to workout with, i think its more about the motivation to be slim. Simple psychology tells us a chubby person would probably have FAR GREATER DESIRE to turn into a muscular hunk everytime he looks into the mirror, rather than someone who is already slim to begin with! :)

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