Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Formal"-ity Fetish - Part II

[ You can read the Part 1 over HERE - Gosh! It's been 3 months since I've last seen the Sexy Medical Rep - Understandable though, since I have not purchased any products from him at all, since his "PRICE" is on the higher end ! - And i hope will visit me one last time before i really leave my current job! Haha - Though i have his phone number - Is there anyone willing to help me uncover his sexuality?!!!! ]

Anyway...Today's post is one of the many nonsensical posts that I'm an expert in -- which is to further dignify my fetish on Guys in Formal Clothes! Hahaha.... Thus, I'm going to confess to everyone, a very embarrassing habit of mine, which I'm not able to shed off ( nor ever will?!!!  )

--- The first two things that i look in a guy that looks good in formal clothes are - His Buttocks and Bulge!!!!!!!!!! -- Yikes!

I don't know why, but my mind and eyes are automatically instructed to look at those confined areas, non-stop! I have been reprimanded by the Horny One, many times, for looking up-&-down, where he claimsthat my gaze are so obvious, that my straight friends might easily catch me spying on guys! - Yikes!

Guys in tight, low waist slacks are obviously my cup of tea! I used to like SEED a few years back where they still have the waist 28" range and the cuttings are more slim-fitting & low-waisted, as compared to nowadays - which is ironic since SLIM is still the In-Thing at the moment!

Today's post will be my last post for this few days, as I'll be doing some light "cuti-cuti Malaysia" travelling, yet again. So, here are some of cute guys in smart formal attires.

And Can you guys guess, which picture I would have gazed intently, in real situation, based on my earlier fetish descriptions?!! Hehehehe - Do drop some comments on your liking as well, ya! 

A very cute boy but already start smoking...It's that a sexy thing - or not? 
Honestly for me, I don't like Kissing guys with Tobacco breath - especially French Kissing - tim!

Guys in simple white shirt & black pants are naturally sexy to look at. Especially where you can roughly see the skin under the shirt - what more if he has a protruding nipples!

Shirts which are too-tight fitting, does not only makes the guy's chest looking like it's going to pop out, but it make the gays' eyes to popped out as well!

And sometimes, looks do play some role in determining whether a guy look sexy in work attire as well...HOR?

Malaysian Male Model, ENson Loh, looking very suave in Padini/SEED work shirt!

Malaysia. "I Wanna Be A Model" winner - Jack Ng, looking smart in PAdini/SEED as well!

Mr.Manhunt Malaysia 2010 Finalist - Kent Tan - In a very slim-fitting attire.

And of course, the Manhunt Malaysia 2010, winner, Mr.William Ng.

Slim ties are IN! But i don't wear them to work, cuz it doesn't really suits my Dress Code. Later my staff & patients will looked at me one-kind, thinking I'm going to a disco instead!

Very preppy boy...Yummy!

Ah-Ha -- One of the Perfect Boys that Malaysia has ever produced!

I don't really like watching Korean Dramas. Most of the time, if the TV happens to show it, i will usually watch how the Korean Guys dressed. Because, if you guys have ever noticed, the lead actors in most of the Korean dramas, usually wear formal attires -- Which is so unlike the Taiwanese / HK / Japan drama, where the actors tend to dress casually.

I have never been to Korea before. So, i'm wondering whether we can easily find this kind of sexy Korean Guys in every corner of the streets in Seoul - leh?!!!!!! - Sexy!

And if just Malaysian Guys can dress like that on the streets of KL too!

And now, SLOPPY GUYS in work shirts, but yet, oozing with sex appeal..!!!!

Astro Talent Quest'09 Finalist, "Ryan Foo" - Looking very fair & sexy especially with his Angelina Jolie Lips!!!

Malaysian Model, Ali T.Wenshen ( standing ) with his model friend...

People would have expected that the sleeping guy above, will wake up with a look that is kinda messy out-of-bed/nap....But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ---- You just look at the below picture?!!!

Some people have all the luck - right?!!! Thumbs Up indeed!

And I'm sure many of you guys have been to the Karaoke, in your work clothes, especially during lunch break or after work, right?!!

The "LA-LA" Boys looking smart!

And this is how THE HORNY ONE usually dresses when he goes to work!!!
Imagine all the sex he's giving when the Malay ladies look at him?!!! The Horny One likes to unbutton the first button except, only during formal meetings/occasions! - Kheksei!

And lastly, with legs that fit perfectly and curvaceous'ly in tight pants, It's a SIN for not spying at the guys at all - lor!!!!!!!!! C'mon!
Muacks from Simon Lover!


William said...

I would rather see tight shirt over nice pecs.

freddiewee said...

the last 2 pic, the top unbuttoned one...the 1st pic, looks very familiar...
but anyway, nice post...sizzling...

nicky05 said...

Korean guys is lengzai lor..:D

Takashi said...


hahaha.. the left guy is like looking, maybe with jealousy or something.. on the right guy.. both so cute :P

hhehee... horny!!

Skyhawk said...

Koreans are hot!

Horny BF said...

Hey ... I only unbutton the top one when it's too hot okay ...

Leon Koh said...

cute pictures :)

Anonymous said...

so which are bottoms and which are tops? :)

simonlover said...

@William: Haha. Then u shud help supply some pics of guys in tight clothes ma! I wouldn't mind posting it instead of the usual naked guys! Seriously! =P

@Freddie: Haha. I manatau. You are more familiar with "the scene" vs me!

@Nicky&Skyhawk: Yes, i agree Korean guys are hot!But aside fr bare-chested pics, it seems that it's kinda hard to find naked/skimpy underwear pics of them!

@Horny BF: "Wu yeh" lor!

@Leon Koh: You also cute ma! =P

@Anonymous: Haha..Well..Some are straight, some are Tops, some are bottoms and some are versatiles as well! - Or worse still some like pussies instead!

Anonymous said...

I've been to Korea and can tell you that not every guy look good but the difference is that they made the effort to dress up so most of them ended up looking good. Guys store is packed unlike here.

I had the luxury of witnessing a gangster...yes it is like what you see on Korean drama beat up somebody in the street. Very gaya in his suit fighting with his gang.

simonlover said...

@Anonymous: Yes, I agree. Most of d Korean guys on screen/magz usually have gone under the knife liao. Many of them falls under the average category. Hence, i dun reli fancy their gay porns/pictures. hahaha. Oops! Better dun be too harsh! But at least most Korean guys are hunkier than Malaysians! Yikes!

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