Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TERON Swimwear - Sexy Singaporean Brand!

TERON Swimwear is designed by a Singaporean, named Terence Yong. Mr.Terence Yong has vast experience in the fashion industry, before starting his own swimwear label, TERON, back in 2007.

Before that, he was with Bods.Bodynits for 3 years as it's creative designer for Gymwear & Swimwear divisions and has clothed many celebrities such as Zoe Tay, Stephanie Sun, Fann Wong, etc before during his designing days, circa early 2000's.

For more info, you can visit
    Shop Name: FORRAY 
    Address: 313 @ Somerset Unit#04-11(Above Somerset MRT) Orchard Road
  • And most of the pictures are taken by a sexy Singaporean photographer, by the name of Cobalt, where you can check out his photo collections @ ....And if you guys need any services from Cobalt, please contact him ya !
Please enjoy sexy Singaporean Guys in Teron Swim Trunks ya!

The Sexy Josh Fiqrie, modeling for Teron!

The Sexy Charles Ng, modeling for Teron as well...

Mr.Singapore 2009 Runner-Up, Nicholas Teo...Modeling for Teron in a Hot, Gold Trunk!

Now...The Red Teron Swim Trunk makes one goes wild, doesn't it?!!!


nicky05 said...

you wear better..XD

Takashi said...

and its on top of the marina bay sands???


William said...

That Nicholas Teo is quite yummy.

Anonymous said...

Agreed William. Love the curve of his arse but that female spoils the shot. - Ian

simonlover said...

@nIcky: I'm sure you'll win me hands down - lor!

@Takashi: Oh, that one is Marina Sands ah! Wow! I wonder whether i should see & appreciate Singapore's skyline or appreciate the hunky, sexy Singaporean Guys at the pool instead - leh?!

@William, Ian: Yeah, very curvaceous butt indeed!I wonder why many William(s) are so handsome - hor?! Hehe. But sadly, there' not many pics of him in the internet! - Such a waste!

Anonymous said...

Shows their cocks very nicely

Anonymous said...

have just bought a pair of these in red hope my ass crack looks as good as these guys he he

link within

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