Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mr.Hong Kong 2010 Finalists - Angus Ip & Ronan Pak!

Here's a quick post on two of personal favorites for Mr.Hong Kong 2010 - Number 4: Angus Ip and Number 5: Ronan Pak.
( p/s: I'll be away - yet again - starting from tonight till next Monday. Goin' nowhere except back to my hometown - nia =P )

Contestant Number 4: 
Angus Ip Kin Hei
黃田麒 )
DOB: 29-11-1989 ( 21 yo ), 167cm, 64kg. Born in HK.

Whoa..This guys are really tanned indeed! 
With #1: Christiano Chan

Tanning with one of the Miss Hong Kong 2010 Finalist.

Camwhoring with Contestant #10: William Chak

Angus Ip and William Chak again...
( William Chak looks kinda good-looking. But then, it's very difficult to find his pictures. He's also the winner of Mr.Asia 2005, organized by TVB"s rival TV station, ATV. )

Contestant Number 5:
Ronan Pak Kin Yan
白健恩 )
DOB: 14-7-1981 ( 29 yo ), 173cm, 67kg. Born in HK

And these are some of his pictures found in his facebook...As reported by Hong Kong tabloids, speculating that he might be "One Of Us"!!!! - Hehe. Hong Kong's papparazzis are very good - eh...!

Ronan Pak & #10: William Chak

Ronan Pak & Angus Ip

Camwhoring Guys: Ronan & Angus


William said...

Oh, I did not notice Ronan. Not bad also. The pic of him with the harness bunching up his crotch. XD

nicky05 said...

Angus's smile so charming...XD

Anonymous said...

contestant #3 ,nicholas wong from Malaysia!

Fable Frog said...

Normally Mr. HK contestant mah mah dei only wor but this year these two not bad..... not bad at all... :P me likey!

Mr.D said...

can i have them for supper ? :P

simonlover said...

@William: Haha. Sharp eyes eh!

@Anonymous: Yalor.Like that also they let him contest in Mr.HK! What nonsense! If he's a lengchai nvm lar

@Fable Frog: Haha. Quick Quick! Flash ur long tongue! Hehe

@Mr.D: Not only supper... Bfast,lunch,tea,dinner or even xxxx also can! Hehe

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