Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where Have All The Handsome Salesmen Gone?!

Last weekend, a major seminar related to my professional association was held in KL. Due to my work nature, I wasn't able to attend it. However, the Horny BF did manage to go instead. The seminar is held once a year and it's one of our biggest event where most of the professional members gathered together. -- But as for me, it's usually a cheeky event for me to spot for lengchai members as well as potential gay-lou(s)! -- Furthermore, the lobby hall is filled with booths set-up by various agencies & pharmaceutical companies! -- This is where I usually used it as my "hunting" ground! -- Hehehe -- Though, this year's honour went to da Horny BF instead!

It's time for Simon Lover's formal wear fetish - again!!!
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However, what I heard from the Horny BF, it seems that there are not many lengchai people ( Usually it's the Product Managers & Medical Sales Representatives ) manning the booths and this year's exhibition area seems to be on a smaller scale. --- Sometimes I'm just wondering, Where Have All The Lengchai ( Handsome ) Salesmen Gone Too?"

Even this lengchai is also thinking "Where Have All The Handsome Salesmen Gone?!"
  • Most of the Recruitment or Senior Executive people are males. Hence, they tend to hire more pretty ladies for them to eye-wash instead! -- I think this is a true scenario which is happening in every part of the world. Which lusty straight males wouldn't want to hire a pretty lady to their company? FUCKERS right?! -- I can tell you, nearly 80% of the sales representatives are females! Even in the Job Classifieds, sometimes it's clearly stated, "Female preferred" -- What a total discrimination! 

Which Guy will you hire?!!! 
Hehehehe -- I guess you guys will know which one i'll hire!! =P
  • Those bosses have no brains indeed. Nearly 35% of Doctors in Malaysia are females and over 70% of pharmacist are WOMEN! -- Plus, 1-2% of doctors and pharmacists in Malaysia are GAYs!

    1-2% Of Doctors in Malaysia are GAYS!
    --- Can you imagine the potential of hire male sales rep?! -- FEMALE is a very complicated species. -- They have this universal thinking where they don't like girls who are prettier,smarter and sexier than them. Hence, it explains why majority of the Reality TV Shows' winners are males because when the ladies vote, they will say "Cheh, that lady also not pretty, I'm even prettier and can sing better than her somemore, if like that also she can win, then if I join, I'll sure knock them down easily - kinda - thinking! --- The same goes to doctors and pharmacists especially to the end-users and purchasing department. Imagine, "a-not-so-pretty doctor", approached by a sexy female rep, asking her to use her company's medicine and not long later, the "not-so-pretty-doctor" saw the sexy female rep mingling with handsome male doctors whom the "not-so-pretty-doctor" failed to blend with them. --- YOU TELL ME?! -- What will the "not-so-pretty-doctor" think?!!!

    The female doctor will go wild if this lengchai come and serve her!!
    --- Sure she'll boycott the product instantenously because of jealousy and envy! -- And there goes the sexy lady rep who've caused her company to lose 35% of sales from the female doctors -- not forgetting 70% of pharmacists are ladies too!  ----- HAHAHA. This is no joke! Seriously. The scenario is the same with every female doctors. They are known to cause verbal harrassment to the female pharmacists working with them in the ward mainly for one reason --- "The lady pharmacists always dressed and make-up prettier than them"!! Hahaha ---- Seriously, all the female pharmacists in all states across Malaysia complained to me the same thing! --- Hence, know you guys know why doctors-and-pharmacists in Malaysia couldn't work well together -- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA --- Joking ok!
When well doctors & pharmacists work together as one, just like the guys above - leh?!
  • Now, imagine if a very HANDSOME male sales representative come and see those health professionals. I can tell you -- the girls will sure go WILD! --- Back when I was in the all-powerful purchasing department, during meet-ups with my fellow female colleagues from other branches, everytime time this kinda topic crops up, the girls will hysterically shriek  and shout "Wah..This XXX from this XXX company, is SOOOOOOOOO LENGCHAI!!! -- Then the girls will go ," Ya! -- Ya! -- I Agree! -- So manly!! "

    Who wouldn't go WILD if a hunky salesguy like that come and visit?!! I will as well - lor!
    --- To the extent of buying the products from this lengchai salesman even though their company doesn't really use or need it at all!!! Talking about integrity eh -- Sending a handsome salesman is also a form of corruption eh? -- Eventhough I myself was charmed by this lengchai salesman, I still manage to keep my composure and not do anything hasty like the girls -- unless if the salesman is confirmed gay and wants to bed with me - lar!!! Hehehehehe.

Imagine these guys manning a booth and selling their products!!!-- It will be a total blockbuster hit I tell you!
  • So, if the bosses are smart enough,imagine the sales they will get if they hire:
    • Sexy Female Salesgirls = 64% of sexually-charged, straight male doctors + 29% of testosteroned-charged pharmacist equals to  == 95% of the total healthcare market!
    • Sexy Handsome Salesmen = 35% of sexually-starved female doctors + 70% of flirtacious female pharmacists + 1% of hunky gay doctors + 1% of slutty gay pharmacists == they will capture 107% of the healthcare people!!! 

  • But then again, in actual fact, those bosses are very smart indeed. The estimated numbers of doctors in Malaysia is about 25,000 and for pharmacists it's 9,000. So, the 107% of sales from hiring sexy hunky male salesmen only translates to about 15,390 of them, which is about 45% of the total population of doctors & pharmacists...Hahaha... Smart - eh?! - Meaning, they still command 55% of sales in their hand! - Kheksei! -- 
 Which one is Gay and which one is not?! Hmmmmm....
  • [ p/s: If I were to count 1% of doctors & 1% pharmacists are gay = It's only 250 doctors and 90 pharmacists are gay!!!! -- IMHO, I think this figure should be more - lor!!! Cause I myself know at least 10 pharmacists and 20 doctors of my age are gays!!! -- Surely there are more of them, RIGHT?!!!! ]

  • And here's a little update for you guys... Last year there's a lengchai salesman manning a booth from a reputable pharmaceutical company. My gaydar already pinged, telling me he's gay! Hehehe -- Due to his stylish hairstyle, earrings and tigh-fitting workclothes! -- This year he was there again! --- So, I make a bet with da Horny BF that he's abled to get his contact!!! -- True to the Horny BF's style, he managed to get his number and somehow, managed to cause the lengchai salesman, mesmerized with him, indirectly!!! ---- I dunno why so many guys like Horny BF even at first sight! Crazy gay - lou(s)~!!! -- So, now the Horny BF is confidently inching closer to victory where this lengchai salesmen calls him up for a chat, every night till today! -- Hmmm.....Guess I shall boycott their products in the meantime!!!!!!! -- Kheksei!-- But then again, true to da Horny BF's style as well, he's a very monogamous person in reality...!
Anyway, here's a MTV of a song, sung and produced in Malaysia, perhaps? -- It's about a gay love story!


kantta said...

are you a pharmacist? is your horny bf also working in medical field ?

Clayden L. said...

omg... hw can horny bf do that to you!??!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

I think that guy has at least 60% of confidence level,your horny bf is plu-lor. That's explain why he calls your horny bf every night to chit-chat! Normal gay would not do this to straight guy even though the guy is super handsome-lor. : P

Horny BF said...

In case you guys are confused, this story has so many loopholes and make-believes.

I am not that slutty to be bedding everyone I set my eyes upon.

So please dear, stop portraying me in such a bad light.

nicky05 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nicky05 said...

ai-yor-yor. Simonlover sangat jealous Horny Bf ada semua tension hor and dia tak ada.:P

SZ said...

"Which one is Gay and which one is not?! Hmmmmm...." all of them are! i guess. and i know the right side guy :)

Marky's Little Devil said...

omggg i looove the office cloth fetish!! so damn hawttt!!!

Anyway, wahhh Horny BF's market really so good horr...

Takashi said...

in the 3rd pic, i will hire the left one.. because he is most presentable..

Anonymous said...

That's because I didn't attend too. Otherwise ur horny BF would definitely be able to identify me. haha...

-ur "ex-colleague"-

Jaded Jeremy said...

Rofl. Not sure why but this post is really humourous to me :)

Szensuous said...

This article is certainly hilarious and quite "enlightening". I have never realised the PLU scene is so happening within the pharmaceutical industry; or perhaps I never put up my gay-dar :-P

Nowadays, I'm seeing more gay pharmacists - or maybe they are simply more liberal and less inhibited from being known to others. So, you can bet that you'll get to "wash eyes" more often in such future events and seminars... haha :-D

Le Chatelier said...

Should I get into sales and marketing then... Haha~

simonlover said...

@Kantta: Are you inside the 1% Gay Pharmacists as well? =P

@Clayden: A-ha!I managed to hear stories of u fr a gym-mate of mine! Hehehehe -- Hamsap!

@Anonymous: They now even become gym-kaki - jor! Me relegated to dinner-kaki jor. Hahaha!

@Horny Bf: --- Case closed. This case has been settled out of court ---!

@Nicky: Haha.Nxtm I intro da Horny Bf. You dun fall in love - oh!

@SZ: Haha.My satelitte circle is not that wide as yours! =P

@Marky's Little Devil: Call Marky to dress up more often in tight workclothes! Tell him you like to pull out his tie & unbutton his shirt before....ahem..ahem?

@Takashi: Haik. I tot we have the same taste - tim! I will hire the centre boy - lor! - Cz cute! =P

@Anonymous: Haha.I was very tempted to..ahem.. put your sexy work attire pictures?! -- Too tight to be shared - lor! If I didn't know you, surely I would've lusted for you!!

@JJ: Haha..Which part humorous wor?!

@Szensuous: So, are you in my 1% Gay ..ahem? ahem? -- But then again, it's still tough luck in our industry. Unless you're a lucky person indeed!

@Le Chatelier: CUM BACK and I'll promise to buy all the things thaw you sell! Hehehe

kantta said...

not pharmacist but another 1% :)
you haven't answered my question yet

imlostr said...

issit in KL or some other state?
i just attended a medical conference but its in another state 1 hour from kl

wizard said...

the song is sung by taiwanese band, Power Train

Anonymous said...


link within

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