Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gay Casanova with HIV cheats 193 young men!

Excerpts taken from The Star Newspaper:


KUALA LUMPUR: A HIV-positive gay casanova is believed to have conned nearly 200 young men of their money and valuables besides having sex with them.
So far, 193 youngsters have claimed to be victims of the man with at least 100 saying they had sex with him before they were cheated of money, laptops and other items.
The victims, some teenagers, said the casanova claimed to have fallen in love with them to gain their trust.

His conquests were discovered after one victim posted a photo of the man on Facebook, and other victims recognised him.
One, who only wanted to be known as Lee, 24, said he met ‘Alvin’ through Facebook last August and they soon carried on a relationship.
“He came to my house last month and stayed with me for three days,” said Lee, who lost RM3,000 when the casanova made off with his laptop, wallet and credit cards. He lodged a report with the Kota Damansara police station.
Press Conference Video
Another victim, Kor, 22, said he had been conned into sleeping with the man two years ago.
“He said he loved me and wanted me to be his boyfriend,” he said, adding that they had spent a night together in a hotel before the man ran off with the RM400 in Kor’s wallet.
“I want him to be stopped before he harms more people,” said Kor, who has yet to get himself tested for HIV.
The youngest victim, 17-year-old student Tai, met ‘Kelvin’ through a pen-pal magazine last October.
“He invited me to come over to a hotel room,” said Tai, adding that they had sex before going back to Tai’s home.
‘Kelvin’ then disappeared after stealing Tai’s laptop worth RM3,000. Tai has already tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease.
NTV7 News In Mandarin
MCA Public Services and Complaints Department chief Datuk Michael Chong said the number of the casanova’s victims was shocking.
“We believe there are many more who do not want to come forward due to shame.”

For more info, visit this cute blogger's site as well:
And I really symphatize with the 17-year old kid. He has such a long way to go in his life...It's saddening to see his bright future banished due to irresponsible jerks! -- I know some of you guys might say he deserves it, but for a guy who's being in love..All he wants is to have the same 2-Become-1 opportunity, just like a normal straight couple..I don't think it's wrong for them to have this kinda utopia impression - though gay education is still important especially the young gays. So, those out there who has alot of god-brothers aka "di-di(s)"...Please give them appropriate advice since they are calling you "kor-kor" okay! 
But what DISTURBED me the most are the BIGOTRY comments posted in Malaysia's most popular forum,
This Fucker has never seen the Ministry Of Health's Statistics on HIV carriers and it's racial breakdown!!!
[ I'm not being racist over here ya! I like Malay Boys as well! And whether we are Chinese, Indian, Malay...We are still 1GayMalaysia! Muacks ]
This FUCKER has the balls but doubt he has ever used it before! I betcha' he used it on a prost before!
This FUCKER doesn't know that guys who sleeps around with girls deserved to be shot as well for cheating the girls' heart and coaxing them into having sex before dumping them!
This FUCKER doesn't know that the girl that he's sleeping with might be sleeping around with another guy or has HIV as well?! And I can foresee in his future, he'll somehow have unprotected sex with some sex workers which might exposed him to the HIV-threat as well!
This BITCH will one day kena HIV as well! Because she does not know that everyone has the possibility of getting infected with HIV. Not only gays..But ANYONE in the world!!!
If this FUCKER ever got infected with HIV, the whole world will be laughing at him!
Sometimes I don't understand straight guys...They have this impression that, by fucking girls, now matter how many girls, they will never have HIV!!!! -- Bullshit! -- The pretty, sexy, curvaceous, boob-licious girls they are FUCKING might lead to hell! You'll never know!!!
Seriously, if just Malaysia have laws for us to sue these bigots for fanning and inciting hatred that might cause dis-harmony in our country! These Bigots do no think before they spurt out this kinda comments. Condemning Gays for spreading HIV ---- Puhlezz....These brainless Straights who think that they won't have HIV by fucking pussies ..... I think God will not even help them when it matters the most!!! There, we'll just let karma do the justice for us.....!


lionfever said...

only people like us understand the situation... they are just a little mentally retarded not to think about this. who knows right ? people around them might be just one of us

Takashi said...

straight men can get hiv too, is all i can say.

SZ said...

now gay reputation will get even worse. haiz

Anonymous said...

cannot be gay in malaysia, come singaypore lah

Thomas said...

That's Malaysia. First class amenities, third world mentality.

gossip_guys said...

yah....agreed wif a malay guy,n my bf is a chinese guy....

alfred said...

saw this news on the tv last night. this is indeed a big shame among the chinese gay community. dont understand why the media wants to pixelize the face of this xxxker. come on, show his face to the public. so that he can go nowhere, once get identified, he will get a big trouble! pity of those small kids, they still have a long journey. they are still young. you fxxking Elvin/Alvin/Kevin or so called "engineer", you dont have a brain huh? may the gangsters chop u into pieces. thank you.

Whizkid said...

hope this will increase the awareness among the gay community.

It is really saddening, considering how insensitive the "breeders" are on the gay community in Malaysia, they misconcept on all gay are pondan and AIDS is gay disease. HIV-threat is real and spare no one.

Anonymous said...


goMercury said...

Wow... stories like this that just paint gay men in such a bad light. The number of people involved is just staggering! I do feel sorry for the boys though... so naive!

I can imagine East Asia is still very conservative in general but are there any openly gay people who are good role models to give a more balanced image of gay people in Malaysian media?

It worries me that instances like this fuel ignorance and can lead to further abuse and discrimination. It is just that statistics would support their point of view - the populations with the highest levels of HIV/Aids infection are gay men and sub-saharan Africans.

Anonymous said...

i hate those malays...obviously they're so ignorant and dumb cuz majority HIV patients in malaysia are malays, and STRAIGHT!.
anyways, people like us are also to be partially blamed for this. it's sad that a 17-year old has gotten STD, let this be a caution to all of us. i hope that cassanova rot in hell!

simonlover said...

@ANonymous: Now,I would appreciate if we can tone down our racial sentiments here. Not all Malays are like that. Other races have chauvinistic people as well.

Anonymous said...

sorry, i didn't mean to generalise a certain race, and agree with you on other races are chauvinists too. at the end of the day, PLU are the least understood and the most marginalised by society.

boyoteen said...


Anonymous said...

we do not even have to talk about justice. This situation only serves to teach us a lesson to be more careful in dealing with life's issues. The naive and the ignorant are the ones who have the most risk.

myguiltypleasure said...

this is not an issue that has befallen the chinese community. it can happen to anyone. just because a chinese boy was brave enough to fight for his rights, doesnt bring him shame or his community.

having said that, the most humiliating aspect of this whole incident is the fact that people are being bigots. if a guy has fucked girls instead, those girls would have been treated with sympathy, empathy and respect.

i just want to say the feeling is the same, the emotion is the same, the physical intimacy is the same and lust is the same.

the only difference: two males having sex instead of penis and vagina.

in a weird way, i cant help but to wish that those bigots have brothers / uncles / sons / nephews who are gay and fucked by another HIV positive gay guy.

maybe then it wouldnt seem so funny least there would be more company in hell for these boys who were cheated by Alvin.


thompsonboy said...

To be fair, the only sort of news that general public get are bad news...or some sort of drug infested orgy raid so you can't blame them entirely on the misconception of what gay is. It's partially our own community fault as well (chem parties and all those shite)

However, just as we say that there are gay men who are good and have self respect out there, does good to the community, there are also great straight people whom I know who has no issues or will never make such comment on anyone gay or straight. It's an individual thing.

Bravebear said...

ignorance kills.

Clayden L. said...

what offensive remarks. such a disappointment. thre are still so many stupid straight men in malaysia.

jj1234 said...

It's really saddening when i read this article online. No one will understand unless you went through this physically. No matter what we say will never change anything. No matter how tough the life, we still have to get through. Not because they are naive but they just giving their trust to someone that in return betray them. Anyhow, life still have to carry on. For those involve, do be strong... you still hv a long life to go. I had encountered this b4.. Just i do not know whether i'm infected or not... Been years... nothing happen...Still pray for the best... Wish all of you best in luck... Lastly... think twice b4 you have sex.. A small move will eventually ruin one life... God bless all of you..


i dun understand how come an ugly guy like tat can conned so many ppl... though i pity those kids who get cheated, but they hav their own responsible for this.

play safe

sexualHIStory said...

wow. i wonder what would they react if they got it from their girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Because of the prejudice done by malaysian straights, I disrespect malaysia from now on and I create an anti-malaysia video. I never delet this video if they doesn't junk homophobia in entire malaysia1

Ean said...

Those who are making such a junk statements are stupid.
Since when only gays will get HIV? WTF is that? Brainless, do some readings la. I bet if these straight people got HIV from his/her partner will say like this:
"Lu apesal infected ngan HIV? Buat sex ngan gay? Kenapa? Why?! Gay tu hotter/manly than me huh???"
Pity straight. Life got alternatives dudes.

(In such way, gay is way more educated than straight, obviously right?)

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