Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Peace At Last?!

Hmmm....It's been two nights without the Horny BF's routine bedtime call. From what I last heard, he bought many things over at Harbour Town Shopping Centre, Gold Coast, including a few singlets from Cotton On for AUD2 each -- and he saw the same Fossil watch i gave to the Horny One which I bought at RM470, after 10% discount, selling at AUD80 ( RM240 ) over there!!!!!! Celaka betul.

Hahaha...Shall I call this two nights as, "Peace At Last" for me?!!! --- It's been a long, long time since this kind of situation where I did not receive any calls from the Horny BF, except during his 9 days Beijing trip way back in 2003 and the occasional break-ups in-between our 8 years...Hahaha. --- If not, every night I'll be pestered by the Horny BF incessantly!! It's been a norm for me, while walking briskly upstairs from my living room, that I'll receive his call first while the Horny BF goes "la-la-la-la" on the other side of the phone before I finally enters my room.

Anyway, I need to gather up steam in searching for more info on my upcoming Hong Kong/ Macau budget travelling trip in May. It's been a long time since I last done any research on travelling. It seems that we are getting older and the idea of backpacking seems to be, erm...So tiring?!!! - Hahaha. That's because I'm going in May!!! -- The last time I went there was on a September, where the Summer for that year was unfortunately  prolonged!!! -- So, Imagined how much sweat I produced throughout the entire trip that caused me feeling very uncomfortable most of the time!!! -- This time I'll be going with da Horny BF, and my close friend with his I-never-met-before-BF. Haha..But don't expect us to have a very flamboyant HK trip because we have not reached the stage of "divalicious" unlike our peers aka PLUBOY or even Paul Paul J! Hahaha. -- or even, Fable Frog perhaps?!!! Yikes, must learn to have more diffrent kind of poses - jor!

And also for this trip, I need to sharpen my foul-language skills to counter the verbal attacks posed on us! Hahaha...I don't mean to be rude, but I find the older generations of Hongkies and Macanese kinda, erm...very unfriendly and rude, though it's just a few bad apples that caused the bad impression! For example, in my previous trip:

a) We were crossing the zebra crossing just in the nick of time before the red light appears and when the impatient incoming car drove past us, a lady winds down her car window and started shouting bad words at the pedestrian crowd!

b) Being very courteous, me & da Horny BF made way for a lady to enter our lift before exiting. Mana tau that unappreciative lady scolded us, "Dan hoi lar -- Jor ji sai, nei yi wai ni gor "lift" hai nei ah yeh - ga?!!! " -- This time if I get this kinda of response once again, I'll sure go, "Tiu nei lou mou ge chao hai. Nei ge hai chao dou hou ci si hang, dai nei geh hai mou yan you - sei pat por!"

c) The Dim Sum episode...Hahaha. I tell you, if not for the helpful uncle sitting beside us in our dimsum table that saw us sitting there helplessly for 5-10mins, calling for the old waiters to make orders...we would have eaten "za wu" for our breakfast! -- I tell you, to live in Hong Kong, you need to be fast and quick-minded. Imagine when I stopped the dimsum lady and turned my back to ask my friends what dim sums they want to eat....Only to turn my face back watching that dimsum lady with her cart a few tables away - jor! Time does not wait for you in Hong Kong! -- And self-service is the thing to go over there as well...Instead of the old-lady with the carts chasing for you, it's the other way round instead!!! And when you hesitate what dim sums you want to choose...there goes the curses from the ever-sharped tongued old-ladies..Don't play-play with the old Ladies I tell you!!!

d) However, all is not lost though. Ever since the SARS episode where Hong Kong's tourism industry took a heavy beating, the younger generations have learned to provide good and courteous customer service. Back then, Hong Kong has been notorious of her foul-mouthed people...My aunt was scolded by the lady proprietor when she asked the price of an item in her stall and ended up not buying it!!! -- The youngsters nowadays are very helpful and friendly towards their customers especially with their welcome greetings of "Fung Ying Guong Lam" and "Mm goi sai".

Anyway, it's already 12midnight and now only I realize that it's already 2am back in Australia. And I thought only in Malaysia, where we get five-stars hotels that does not provide free wifi to its' customers! -- Instead, we get that in Australia as well!!! -- Very frustrating isn't it?!!!


Jaded Jeremy said...

Yes, I heard the same things from a friend who worked in HK for about two years. Terrible lah. Yet you still want to visit it again?

Skyhawk said...

Speed is in their blood...from food ordering, walking on the street, talk (my team in HK call engineer as 'engine' and PCCW as PCC-tub...) and even work. They are efficient, I have to admit. I love HK.

Paul Figaro J said...

Me??? Where got wor??! >.<

Another Simon said...

Yea, they can be rude to you.. sometimes we can just described them as uncivilised with no different compared to those "China Man".

Another funny things are that, i lived in that Chungking Mansion before, i got a bed for 80 HKD, and i was travelling alone, the so called guest house was an eye-openers for me. four bed and you can imagine, the room is damn small.. The size is about 4x normal lift space.. and the lift is busy at all times.. The Chungking mansion is a good location, very close to the harbour but with lots of indian and middle eastern guy.. =(

Julie said...

So you are travelling to hong Kong in May? You must be excited. Travelling is one of the things I could not give up to. I am planning a trip to Argentina next June. I already have my apartment rental in Buenos Aires. I love trips because you get to meet people from all over the world, it makes you be more open-minded, doesn´t it?

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