Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Be My 1996!

I have to agree with Pluboy's comment on Market Place's music....If weren't for the beautiful gay guys, I wouldn't even want to step into Market Place for its' music!!!!! Imagine dancing three hours with the same boom-boom-pow monotonous rythmn over-&-over again!!!!

Asides from the current dance favorites from Britney, Gaga, Madonna, Rihanna....Have you guys ever pondered how the dance songs were, way, way, way, way back in the year of 1996? -- Where some of you guys are barely just beginning to sprout some hairs on your kuku-jiao ( just like me?!! ), or that was the year where your sexual prowess at its' peak?!!!

I'm actually a late bloomer. I started to listen to Pop Songs only on 1996. Before that, I totally love the Oldies!! -- Seriously, where can you find a horny teenage twink listening to Paul Anka's Diana on Radio 4's Golden Oldies segment at 8-10pm?!!! -- I was first exposed to popular music from a friend of mine, who asked me to help him buy a copy of Galaxie Magazine. Seriously, I have never even heard of Galaxie magazine before. So, there I was..Feeling very nervous and lost, before asking the newsstand owner, "Satu Galaxie Magazine"....Hahaha.....So, there it was..My virginal copy of Galaxie Magazine, circa June 1996...And I can still remember vividly, Oasis was on the cover of the magazine ------ [ p/s: I'm actually quite a notorious hoarder....Do you guys believe if I say that I still keep all my magazines that I have bought since 1996 in my room?!! -- Galaxie, Smash Hits, -- and some defuncts mags that only old people like me can remember -- etc Mag, Day&Night, M Mag --- Hahahaha, next time I shall post the picstures of the mags ya! ] --- I particularly like "etc Magazine" especially with its' glossy ads of sexy male underwears -- Well, those days print media are the only way where we can get any excitement especially when we want to ...ahem, ahem....self-masturbation?! -- Hahaha.

Anyway, enough of the nonsense, to those old enough to remember, I do hope that these songs can bring some sweet memories back to you...I know I did....Especially being molested countless of times and called as the twink with sexy legs [ p/s: I'm the only one of the two boys, who wears an ultra sexy shorts during my lower secondary days! ] --- Hahaha --- And to those you went pubbing and clubbing back then, mind sharing it with us, how was the dancefloor scenes back then?!!! Thanks -- Muacks from Simon Lover!

Who wants to "BE MY LOVER"?!!!! Please Hands up!

And to those "Lovers", I hope "Tonight Is Our Night" to ....... !!!!

And during the night....We'll go "OOH, AAH......Begin with "A Lil' Bit"

Because I'm still 14 back then! -- I need time to relax my hole before Jambo-ing with da Cock-Cock, ya'know!

Once entered, I can assure you, it's going to be MACARENA all the way to the climax!!!! Yeah, baby!

Back in 1996 as well, these two songs were the BIGGEST HITS on Malaysian Radios...where they have hogged the Top Two spots on every radio charts in Malaysia for months!!! -- Talking about Good Malaysian Tastes - eh?!!!

Tonight is one of the rare nights where I'm not disturbed by da Horny BF's rantings...I hope he enjoys his Aussie Guys...Muacks!


Mark said...

OMFG, I LOVED Be My lover and Macarena during high school. Those 2 songs ROCKED so hard back then XD

And they still do now =)

Janvier said...

We prefer Smash Hits over Galaxie! But in the end we had to get rid of our stash too, what with moving and losing interest in 'em, really.

Anonymous said...

Good taste in music, Simon. Don't know why so much music these days is worse. I know styles and tastes change but so much stuff now I don't even want to listen to. - Ian

PS Wish I could have seen you in your sexy school shorts. You'd get a wolf whistle from me. :)

simonlover said...

@MArk: Yup, I have it on my car mp3 player as well!

@Janvier:Ya, bt evtm whn I tidy my boxes, it always ends up back into my boxes for nostalgic purposes...Sigh...

@Sexy Ian: I tot you preferred me in my Sexy Red Trunk, a few posts back?! Haha..That's even sexier that sexy school shorts! =P

Anonymous said...

i love this post! i'm a 90's kid (and still at heart, i'm not that old, same age as u) and i used to buy Galaxie from 1994-2000. and yeah, the 90's was THE decade for music-we got all kinds of musical genre, unlike now, where hip hop is the only relevant genre.
btw, just curious, if u ever wanna post a comparison between the 90's gay porn and current gay porn. lolz!

Anonymous said...

yes, i agree the last comment... may be simon can do a comparison between 90s and today's gay porn... bel ami boys e.g. lucas ridgeston

Robb said...

i miss Liquid badly. :(

link within

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