Saturday, March 5, 2011

Butts Galore!

Today, I shall be a man of few words. Haha. Nothing sex-citing things happened to me recently. I need to get my rythmn back in writing more personal stories. Haha. Even my trip to Market Place where me & the Horny BF saw Horny PLUBOY dancing on stage a few weeks back, also still pending --- Not to mention how the Horny BF deflowered a virgin twink in the toilet as well!!! Kheksei.........

Happy Weekends my dear readers! As I shall be working instead.....To those sexy gays, do feel free to visit me when you dropped by at Malaysia's Largest Water Theme Park! Muacks - la.....!

I need to work my ass more to earn big bucks like the stud above!!!

TANNING!!!!!!!! --- Yuh...It's been such a LONG, LONG, LONG time since I've gone for tanning at Kelana Jaya!!!

Who's asshole is bigger?!!

Though I know this picture does not fit the theme, but then again, his body is too good to be left out!!! Don't you guys agree with me?!!


Anonymous said...

What's the vid about? Can't really get it..

William said...

Wah... hornybf can pretty much do what he wants hor...

V said...

simon~ can tell me how you are able to tahan hornybf deflower people ._. so curious to know =\ please~

Anonymous said...

yes, i also wan to know... i broke up wif my ex cos of this... i

Anonymous said...

wah u must post more pics of the last guy!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

ok, i'm not here to judge u, but if it were my bf who was deflowering someone, i would have bid adios to him oredi! but i guess it works 4 ur r/ship wit ur bf, cuz u don mind him makan other gays.

Takashi said...

For the record, I have never gone on stage in mp :)

Meve Horron said...

Saki Ootsuka !

Junna Hara !

Nami Oumi !

Tomoe Hinatsu !

Maki Amemiya !

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