Saturday, February 5, 2011

Singaporean Polo Boy - Eddie Tioh!

Hahahaha...It seems that I need to quickly shift the attention on a new post of sexy hunks due to my controversial near-naked-with-pubes-being-exposed-picture in my previous post. Kena reprimanded kow-kow from my Horny BF - jor....Hahahahaha! I guess I'm too devilish to be managed in a relationship - eh?!

Haha...Though I know I'll get some backlashes from certain quarters for being unpatriotic by posting a Sexy Singaporean Hunk on a New Year, instead of a Hunky Malaysian....But then again, in the World of Simon Lover, the love for sexy guys transcends across the world and there shouldn't be any boundaries at all! Anyone who's sexy enough is worthy to be shared, right guys?!!!

Sexy Singaporean Actor, Eddie Tioh!

But before I begin, I would just like to share one SL's first awkward moments for the New Year. Hahaha. So, as usual, the first night of CNY is usually spent on watching movies on TV with my family & cousins. We ended up watching Jackie Chan's Rob-B Hood (寶貝計劃) because my cousins are very "banana" in nature and they can only relate Jackie Chan movies instead of the other, usual slapstick Cantonese movies.

Scene 1: The sales lady asked them, who's the father of the baby and Louis Koo pointed Jackie Chan. Because of Louis Koo's flamboyant dressing, she mistakenly thought they are gay couple and goes on to:
Sales Lady : "Arrr..Ngo meng bak. Mm sai par chau. Ngi kah geh yan hou hoi tong - geh". 
And Louis Koo went over and hugged Jackie Chan's arm.
While SL's "The Mum" laughed aloud before staring at my direction, though I pretended not looking at her.

Scene #2: Nicholas Tse and Daniel Wu acted as gay security officers. Haha. Daniel Wu saw Louis Koo chasing after their security van and commented very sissily, "Wah...Hou leng chai wor". and the scene end up with Nicholas Tse asking Daniel Wu, "Where is he from?" and Daniel Wu answered "I'm from Brokeback Mountain"...before my cute cousins went "Hahaha...Gays"...And the stupid "The Mum" once again, laughed aloud.....  -_- ...... Hmmmmmmm....

Eddie Tioh's Stats can be seen as above and he's now 30 years old.

He first gained popularity way back in 2009 when he acted in the sexy and popular Singaporean drama, "Polo Boys"! and since then, he was named in 2009's Cleo's Top 50 Eligible Bachelors and modelled extensively!


Haha..Realized the Red Swim Trunks fit perfectly for my CNY Theme Hunks eh?!

Eddie Tioh is the one in purple trunks!

Hahaha..Too tired after shooting. Sleep until so exposed!

If got people molest him also he wouldn't know lor! How come no one took candid photos of him - geh?!

The ever charming photos of Eddie Tioh!

The Wild Side Of Eddie Tioh!

Cute bulge!

Looking very manly in tight fitting clothes!

 With such a handsome guy in National Service, it's no wonder why there are more and more gays in Singapore lor! Haha -- Eddie Tioh circa 2008
And Eddie Tioh 2010. Grown into a suave stud indeed!

And be prepared for Shirtless Pictures of Sexy Eddie Tioh!

He must be a very cheeky fellow in real life - eh!

The Photos from his Groovin' Underwear Ads!! 
( Wasted I couldn't find more of it!!! )

Oops...He must have a well-endowed jewel underneath the sexy trunk!

He and fellow model, Anthony Chew: Maybe I should feature Anthony in my future posts? Any supporters?

With such a good look and charming smile, I'm sure many of you guys wouldn't mind being chained by Eddie Tioh, right?!!!



Tenchunk said...

ha, he's a delicious cake...

francoisxavier said...

Very nice post SL... 4 thumbs for you :)

William said...

Very boy next door. Cute.

simonlover said...

@Guys: Thanks. Hope Eddie will post more of his sexy pics!

Anonymous said...

he looks sissy la

fable said...

hmmm didnt you post this like weeks ago liao?

fable said...

For a moment i thought i can see future LOL

simonlover said...

@Fable:Yikes! I added some new photos of him - ma. I didn't check back the posting back in my post. No wonder i see hw cum gt ppl still comment one. Haha

Anonymous said...

I like him when i first watched little nyoyna from singapore, damn feels like putting his sweet meat in my mouth and taste it until he... LOL

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