Monday, November 1, 2010

Forever Cute, Taiwanese Boy!

I'm sure many of you guys have seen this cute Taiwanese Male Model, strutting around in Private Structure underwears, countless of times on the internet!-- And wondering who the hell is he?!!

Name: Vince, Li Guoming 李国铭
DOB: 22/10/1985
Horoscope: Libra
Blood type : A
Height : 186cm
Weight: 80kg
Shoe : 11
Bust : 38
Waist : 32
Hips: 39
Education: Taiwan’s Shih Hsin University

Back in 2006, with a height of 186cm, his modeling photos of him wearing only in Private Structure underwears were widely circulated in the gay network, and with that handsome & sexy image of him, he quickly became the Chinese gay community's favorite male model and made him one of the Internet celebrities overnight.

There are many versions of his pictures on the net, but you guys can rest assure that I have already compiled the BEST QUALITY PICTURES available, in today's post!

-- We should be very proud that our own Malaysian brand is doing very well in overseas! -- And Private Structure has become of the most popular underwear brand among the gay communities in Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong! --

( Can anyone of you still remember that before Private Structure revamped their designs...Their earliest packaging consist of a black model which look like the wrestler, Booker-T from WWE, in skimpy trunks?! Hehehe )

Vince Li Guoming is also an active basketball player in his University!

Looking sexy at the beach!

But sadly, this cute 24 year-old boy, PASSED AWAY on the morning of 17th October 2010, 5 days shy of his 25th Birthday -- due to Liver Cancer! He first detected a small tumour in his liver, earlier in May 2010. Within a few short months, his tumour had progressed rapidly, leading to a point of no return.
( You can read the article over her, but it's in Mandarin )

Taiwan has one of the highest prevalence of Hepatitis B incidences. Among all the ethnic groups in the world, Hepatitis B strikes Chinese Males the most compared to the rest. If you guys have not been vaccinated, please do so immediately. And for those who are currently infected with it ( Hepatitis it active or non-active ), do not despair, maintain your regular check-up with the doctor and do take care of yourself well.

With that, I can just wish the late Vince Li to rest in peace, and we shall not forget the wonderful moments that you've gave us all these years. Muacks from Simon Lover.


Little Dove said...

I was appreciating the nice pictures you posted until the news of his passing away. That was really sad. I hope he is in a better place now. :(

Anonymous said...

damn! its sad that he is passed away. Should have make love with him if knew he is sick damn now can't enjoy his tool anymore.

allan said...

Sometimes fate can be so unkind,so has to take away the life of such a young,handsome person who was in his prime and who would have so much more ahead of him. May he rest in peace!

Isaac Rizard said...

It is indeed sad to hear about his passing at such a young age. When it seems that life is full ahead of us, then it is suddenly strike us that God has better plan. May he rest in peace.

Skyhawk said...

Sad to hear this....he doesn't look like having the waist of 32 and weight of 80KG. Anyway, thanks for posting this...

Jaded Jeremy said...

Oh young...

Huh, Private Structure is a Malaysian brand?

Takashi said...

which reminds me... i should be getting my second dose now!

simonlover said...

@JJ: Yup, it's a Malaysian brand ah.

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