Saturday, November 13, 2010

Is He One Of Us? - Malaysian Model, Wilson Tan!

Name: Wilson Tan Siong Ping ( 陈相賓)
DOB: 1982 ( 28 years old )
Education: Chemical Engineering, USM.
Stats: Height: 190cm; Weight:79kg; Chest:40"; Waist:32"; Hips:44"

On graduation, he worked in a sewerage company dealing with biomass energy before joining the oil and gas industry. Being offshore for long periods of time was not really his cup of tea. So how did modelling come into the picture? “Modelling as a career struck me when I was watching a bridal fashion show at MidValley Megamall. I told myself ‘I could do this.’ So I did a big leap, with no regrets

On the other hand, Wilson Tan keeps his toned body, great abs and muscles in shape by going to the gymnasium for workouts every day. This humble man also tries his best to live out of the stereotypical image of models. Instead, he believes one should be a very friendly person with a down-to-earth nature. Also, he tries to do his best in anything he does. He recounted his early days in modelling, “It’s very important to learn from mistakes. If you want to be a successful model, you certainly need to pay its price!”

He has already done Malaysia proud by representing the country in the World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) last year and won a silver medal in the casual and formal wear category for Male Modelling. WCOPA, often referred to as the Olympics of the Performing Arts is held annually in Hollywood. Competitors are judged in acting, singing, dancing and modelling categories.

Here are more pictures of Wilson Tan, Malaysia's latest Male Model!

190cm tall! I wonder if he's really that "long"!!!

"Flower"..."Deflower".....So salah the pictures!

Seems that he likes to wear so tight clothings include super low-waist jeans!

Purrrr! Catwalk Menace!

And he's not shy to do a striptease whenever there's a chance! Just like the above during the audition of New Icon Malaysia Magazine's Hottest Hunks 2009/2010 Contest!

He's one of the more active underwear male models in Malaysia!
With fellow sexy Malaysian Model, Danny Lim.

Jonathan Cheng's STUD underwear's Debut collection back in 2009.

Haha...Another very "salah" picture with an arrow "piercing" into .......?!!!

I can see that someone is busy tanning as well!

With fellow Mr.Manhunt Malaysia 2010 winner, William Ng! Tight!

The left guy is also another Malaysian Model by the name of Calvin Chan! I find him very cute indeed but sadly, he's kinda low-profile. So, I couldn't find much info and pictures of him!

With fellow sexy Model, SK Low on the right!

And Wilson Tan is one helluva dirty dancer as well! - With his liking for stripping of his T-Shirt like that, it's no wonder that boys and girls are hitting on him everytime he's on the dancefloor!

It's great to see that many Malaysian Male Model are coming up into the scene and the future for them are getting brighter and brighter as the years goes by! -- If you guys have the qualities and meets the criteria of becoming a model, why don't you guys give modeling a try?! Fame and fortune might come easy for you, ya'know!

Just like this hunky Wilson Tan, who hails from a small, remote town in Malaysia, who made it big in the world of Malaysian Fashion Industry!

Hope you guys enjoyed Wilson Tan's gallery and...whether He's One Of Us or not?...It's up to you guys to judge for yourself!!! Hehehehe

Muacks from Wilson Tan Simon Lover!


William said...

He looks like a Malay guy at times.


i think he's totally hot !!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely gay...very gay-looking face ler.

Zehdy Eeshfaq said...

hope dat u can find 'melayu guys' for next entry perhaps..
like melayu guys..

Bravebear said...

look like malay leh... not that i have a prob with malay...

Anonymous said...

boy he's HAWTTT!! and FUCKALICIOUS!!

simonlover said...

@Zehdy: Haha. You think I dun like Malay guys either - meh. It's just that it's very, very difficult to find Malay guys, even shirtless & what more to say for near-nudes?!!! - due to religious restrictions which I'm sure u're familiar with as well =(

@Anonymous: Thanks

Kak Wok said...

Nope! He's certainly straight! And so is George Michael! LOL!

Anonymous said...

He's gay to the max! You can see him at Market Place (the 'It' gay club in Kl) near KLCC on Sat night..along with other manly male models as well (Malay or Chinese)!

simonlover said...

@Anonymous: Thanks! And I wonder whether he's a Top or Bottom! Hahaha. Bt most likely he's a B..Duno why, bt heard they say he's very effeminate in real person =P!

Anonymous said...

He is definitely gay !! I am wondering how many times he went for plastic surgery !!
I don't really think he's hot ! He is just so wrong to me ...

Meve Horron said...

Saki Ootsuka !

Junna Hara !

Nami Oumi !

Tomoe Hinatsu !

Maki Amemiya !

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