Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hot Malaysian Male Model : Phirence Tan 陈翼频

One of Malaysia's Top Male Model, Phirence Tan ( 陈翼频 ), first burst into the entertainment scene when he came out 3rd place on 8TV's 2007's "I Wanna Be A Model 2 ( 我要做Model2 ) modeling competition and since then, there's no turning back for this hunky, Sabahan lad.

Back then, I was working in a place called "Diamond Bay" and was renting a room from a 50+yo, single lady. I can still remember watching that TV show with the aunty and imagine the awkward moments when it comes to the shirtless/intimate photo taking scenes - with the Aunty sometimes commenting ," Hai, ha mi hor kua - lar. Bo cheng sa ko, hiao ke be shi - ah! --In Hokkien ( Haik, what is so nice about the show, people not wearing clothes, so disgusting! -- Though I can't really remember the exact words, but it is almost similar like that! - Hehe )

It was only when he co-host the food variety show, "Ho Chak!" ( 好吃) that I first took note of him! -- Why? - Because he always wear singlets on the show, thus pinging my gaydar into haywire everytime I watch the show! Hehe.... But then, the time I enjoyed "Ho Chak" the most was when it was hosted by Rickman Chia
(謝承徫) and Yoon( 吳家潤 ) - where both of them had so much chemistry and fun to watch compared to the current hosts! - "Orange" -- Her eyes are already droopy coupled with the lame jokes, how does she expect people to get excited while watching the show leh?!

If you guys might remember, I have featured him before in one of my earliest post ever, way, way back in March 2009, "Is He One Of Us?"...

Stats: Height 180cm, Chest 38", Waist 31", Hips 37", Hair: Black, Eyes: Dark Brown.

Without further a do,  please enjoy the beauty of Phirence Tan ya.

Pictures taken from the famed Malaysian photographer, Azrul Kevin Abdullah.

I'm sure some of you guys owned this sexy SEED swim trunk before! Admit it!

He has his own blog,

But then, he's not been updating his blog regularly because lately he's kinda on a hiatus from the entertainment scene.


Various hairstyles over the years! Which one do you like the most?!

.....Armed with a Deadly Smile indeed.....

Rayban Hunk!!!

Born in the year of Dog, Jan 1982...

With Fellow Malaysian Celebrities, from Top Left and clockwise -- Jeffrey Cheng, Michael Huang, Rickman Chia, Jimmy Leen.

SEXYBACK no more?!! -- Phirence had a tattoo back in 2009....I'm not sure what is the "word" engraved on....But I'm sure it's meaningful enough for Phirence to have a big tattoo of it!

The various Magazine appearances...

And the various modeling shots!

Malaysia's homegrown fashion brand, The Philosophy Men's Summer Collections 2008 shots!

It's been a long time since "Philosophy Men" featured hunky models in their ad..remember Jeffrey Cheng, SK Low, to name a few....I wonder what happened to their marketing strategies?!

The "Private Structure" Underwear Runaway 2008 Shots!

With Hunky Male Models as well! - Top picture: SK Low, Phirence, Udd Zainuddin and Fyro Azhar.

With sexy partner in crime, Ali.T.Wenshen..You can see more of Ali's pictures over HERE

Lastly, various other pictures of Phirence as well..


Travelling around the world with his faithful companion all these years....

Malaysia's "白马王子" -- "White Horse@White Knight" Prince Charming!

So, anyone of you wants Phirence as your 白马王子?!!


William said...

Yummy! I have that black "Pull & Bear" T that he wore, but of course it looks better on him!

simonlover said...

@william: Haha..U're being modest nia. U hvnt put ur sexy undies pics to counter attack him yet - hw can u so fast give uP! =)

Anonymous said...

I don't find him hunky or handsome at all...:P

Takashi said...

I agree.. dont find him appealing..

Anonymous said...

Did the aunty demand you turn off that disgusting TV show? Course not, she kept watching all the way through. Just to enjoy being disgusted- Ian

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