Thursday, November 4, 2010

Handsome "Hansen Lee" - Malaysian Model-Actor!!

I see you through the smokey air,
Can't you feel the weight of my stare,
You're so close but still a world away.

Trying hard to control my heart,
I walk over to where you are,
Eye to eye we need no words at all.

Only now we begin to move,
Every breath I'm deeper into you.

What I'm dying to say, is that
( Madonna's "Crazy For You" lyrics )

This is the kind of power possessed by Hansen Lee whenever he makes his presence felt to the people around him!
 Handsome Malaysian Model-turned-Actor, Hansen Lee!


Hansen Lee
DOB: 1981 ( Youngest and the only son, among 3 siblings )
Hometown: Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia  -- He's of Chinese-Indonesian descent.
Stats: Height 6 ft 2 in; Chest 43", Waist: 31"

Previous & Current Job: Fitness Instrustor, Model, Actor, TV Host, Emcee

Hansen Lee first burst into the scene by participating in New Icon's Malaysia's Hottest Hunk 2005/2006 Contest and was also a finalists in Malaysia's CLEO's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2005.

Hansen Lee : The Hunk in The Middle. Surprisingly, he did not win the title. How come?!!!!

He came into prominence when he won the FlyFm Radio's DJ Reality Show, FlyFm and begin his stint @ FlyFm back in 2006 -- and what shall I say, the rest is history!

Looking very suave indeed in those working attires!

And even on a simple white Tee, he still oozes a sex appeal that is unexplainable!

He's also currently hosting NTV's Breakfast Show with fellow pretty Sabahan Model, Daphne Iking.

The last time when he appeared in The STAR newspaper article way back in 2008, he mentioned he's been with his girlfriend for the last 5 years. I'm not sure about his current relationship status but with such a good looks and hunkylicious body, it's not surprising to see many female fans/actresses willing to have a little hug from him - lor! Let the pictures do the talking ya!

Xandria Ooi, VJ Sarah, Marion, Joey G and even VJ UTT ( Heard Utt is one of us..Can anyone help confirm it? Hehe )

Amber Chia, Deanna Yusof

With an Unknowned model @ the beach...

Another sexy Malaysian ( Iban-English ), Henry Golding

So, who says Hansen Lee looks like a PLAYBOY - eh?! But unfortunately, he's not into PLAYING with BOYS - lor! It's he's loss anyway, right guys?!!

Some of his modeling pictures, taken by famed photographer, Eddie Guyono.

Striking a pose with Top Malaysian Male Model, Daniel Tan ( centre - Seriously, I don't find him sexy or handsome at all! I don't know why Malaysian Fashion Industry voted him as The Top Male Model! ) and Adrian C, Men's Uno Model Search Winner.

And some of his Magazine shoots...

Looking very cute in this attire!

Hansen Lee is also a hot property among Malaysian photographers!
Here are some of the pictures taken from famed celebrity photographer, Azrul Kevin Abdullah!

And another one from Samuel Tan.

Now, I wonder when will Hansen Lee do an underwear photoshoot leh?! Jonathan Cheng, we need your HELP!!!!!!

Hansen Lee's first foray into acting was on the sexy Singaporean drama "Polo Boys" back in 2009!

Polo Boys' Promotional Activity pictures

  It's that a NIPPLE RING?!!!

With fellow sexy Singaporean Actor, Nat Ho.

Here are some of his latest pictures, circa 2010 taken by famed Malaysian blogger, Niki Cheong!

There are many articles of Hansen Lee which you can read more about him with the most recent one, on the Star Paper way back in Sept 2010.

The Epitome of Malaysian Male Beauty!

So, do anyone of you find Hansen Lee sexy or not? 
Seriously, feel free to leave your comments! Hahaha

So guys, after you have cleaned your self up...

And before going to sleep...

Remember to SMS your loved ones & tell "I LOVE YOU"...

And not DREAMING about Hansen Lee after this, ok?!!!!

Happy Deepavali and Happy Holidays to all Malaysians!


Clayden L. said...

yeap. the dj is quite a good btm. :D

Bravebear said...

nice body... love his nipples =P

Horny BF said...

Hmm. Someone's not SMS-ing his loved one and say good night. :(

Mr.D said...

totally love him. so charming.

Anonymous said...

heard hanson is one of us... utt is as well... nat ho, hmm, i know him..

Anonymous said...

is hansen plu? hahahah did you know he sometimes does his workout at cf at pyramid? I saw him there once xD

nicky05 said...

Great collection you have. His weird looks that makes him so demand-able.

arun raj said...

cannot tahan already

Anonymous said...

hansen has very tired look. His eye bags are very prominent.Hmm....nice body tho

Anonymous said...

that lady is not unknown model... she is Asha Gill... one of malaysian supermodel in early 90's.. she was also MTV VJ...

simonlover said...

@Asegawa, Anonymous:Sadly, he's not one of us. He has a GF. Such a waste right.

@Anonymous: Oh, she's Asha Gill. Yup, i know who she is.Just that she's been missing in the scene for quite some time d.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, his left chest is retarded! Can't he train his chest to be more balanced? His chest imbalance has been criticised by S'pore medias especially when he stands together with those hot Sporeans 'Polo Boys' because it really looks so weird.

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