Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sneak Peek of SL? - Part 2

So, my 1 week holidays have come and go in a flash. Holidaying with family members isn't really that exciting due to the fact that I need to behave and act cooler/manly-er, thus restricting my horny-ness to the mininum level!

The places that we went were from KL-Ipoh-Penang-Ipoh-Cameron Highlands-Ipoh-KL-Tanjung Sepat-KL - in a span of 5 days, with SL being the honorable tour guide! - At one point, my singaporean relatives were refering me as "Dao Yiu, in Mandarin, during dinner time -- and I mistakenly pass the "Tao Yiu" ( soya sauce in Hokkien ) to them - pulak!

Besides food, there aren't much sight-seeing for me as I've been to most of these places countless of times d. So, my eyes were focusing, as usual, on every eye candies that is available on the streets!

One fine evening, I went down to the beach accompanied by the MUM....And lucky me, there was a hunky Thai Guy, which I've seen earlier in the morning!

Hunky Thai Guy @ Tanjung Bungah Beach, Penang
Preparing to strip his singlet off!

Sorry for the blurry picture..It's actually a cropped picture which I took of my Mum, with the guy in the background! Hehehe..

If not because of The Mum kept sticking closely and chat with me, I could have taken better pictures of him! Especially his frontal shots with his sexy naval trail line! - Kheksei.

Another fashionable la-la zhai @ The Snake Temple! Hiss!

Another cute Thai Guy, wearing tight fitting shirt & pants! - Seriously! - Haha..But somehow I always find Thai Guys in pictures doesn't really stimulate me as much as Thai Guys in real person! How come eh?!

Moving over to the cool Highlands - pulak, a cute, twinky Chinese Boy!

And a suspicious looking, two Malay Boys, swaying around the morning market...

Ah-Beng'ish Strawberry Seller!

However, I must admit that my spying skills are not as good as William or Clayden...It looks like I better upgrade myself once I start working in KL - oh!

Being with family, also means that I need to wear a more conservative underwear. Hence, the opting of Renoma Undies. I wouldn't want the Mum to ask many questions of my fancy undies when she wants to do the laundry. Even sometimes when I'm back at home for, say, 1 week, usually I will not throw the fancy undies to the laundry, prefering to keep it instead & bring back to my rented room to wash -- So the Mum will ask, "How come you come back one week, I don't see your underwears in the laundry - one?!!! - You've wearing the same undies or you don't wear at all ah?!!! Huh?!..Huh?!..Huh?!!"


William said...

Well done! The Thai guy has a very sexy back!

simonlover said...

Ya..Bt malangnya I dun have frontal shots of him ler! All that's left is in my memories nia! =(

Clayden L. said...

OMG! The THAI GUY!!!!!!!! i'm so gonna invite him to my room lor. or self invite myself to his room. lalalala

DinoRic said...

HAHAHA!! I like the "you've wearing the same undies or you don't wear at all ah?!!!! huh?!..huh?!..huh?!!

My mum also comment that i have fancy undies..and vibrant colours..HAHA!

nicky05 said...

Why you din shoot the front?...ishhh

Chen Xing said...

Lol, where got such thing as conservative underwear..

C'est la vie said...

The back shot was really good. Love it to the bits. I guess I'm gonna go workout already, want to become hot guy!

lala said...

For the undies, u can throw in a few normal 1, so dont create suspicions. As for the thai guys, i think even other boys i see, live is definitely better.

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