Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cute Taiwanese Hunk - Part 1!

Name: 林笑擺 Nickname: 小白

DOB: 7 January 1985
Height: 165cm, Weight: 58kg

Gosh! I hope I can tone myself in having this kinda chest! Must give myself a time frame - Say...One Year?!!! If not, it will defeat my purpose of joining Fitness First !!! - Must gambatte, though will officially start from 1st December....Just hope I won't "dry" myself skinnier by staying too long at the sauna/steam room instead!!!!! =P

 Anyone feels like ripping off that shirt?!!

 Or your swriling your tongue along the trail line, hoping to find some surprise treasure?!!!

  Very curvaceous and well-toned, just-right-meaty bod. Definitely bumping & grinding material! =P

 A-Ha! I have that same underwear...! Definitely one of my favs as well!

 Why so sad apply lotion by himself?!! Where are all the Prince Charming?!!!

 A tasty sausage --- And a wide, open mouth....Scandalous picture isn't it?!!

 Stay tune for the Part 2 of this cute Taiwanese Boy!


Anonymous said...

Is he one of us? But guess he is straight, saw the girl with him in the hotel room from the picture.

William said...

Looks Thai to me!

nicky05 said...

nahhh... not turn on to me..haha

Anonymous said...


link within

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