Friday, August 19, 2011

Boys In Yellow!

It's been such a long time since I last did a color thematic post...I've actually kept these pictures in my "Yellow Boys" folder but for reasons only known by "Me & The Horny BF", I have delayed posting them up for nearly  1.5 years - d! -- ( Oops! Another SimonLover's sinful story!!! )

Anyway, I've been kinda sick for these past few days....Imagine how awkward is it for me to sell cough & cold medicines to my customers as well as advising them how to take care of themselves? --- The funniest part is always when the customer ask for phlegm medicine --- Imagine how sarcasm comes into play when the customers look up at this cute guy in white coat ( Fully dressed, underneath, okay?! ), talking to them in a super high-pitch, nasal voice-which-is-already-nasal-enough and ask "Do you have a lot of phlegm in your throat?" or "Do you have blocked nose?" ---

Duh........ And I need to tell little white lies to the customers when they ask me back, "Do you take this medicines for yourself as well?" --- And I'll reply " Yes, of course! You come back and see me in two days time, sure I'm well by then! -- But not without ending my sentences with the formality advice " But, sometimes it depends on individuals. Different people has different response. If your condition doesn't improve within 2-3 days, it's best for you to seek medical advice. Thank you"  --- I'm such a jerk! ( 19.7.2008 ) ( 13.2.2010 ) ( 24.2.2010 ) ( 3.3.2010 ) ( 8.3.2010 ) ( 7.4.2010 ) ( 21.6.2010 ) ( 7.10.10 ) ( 23.6.11 )

Sexy Hong Kong TVB actor, Wong Hei, in tight yellow trunks!

Now, I guess the Groovin' Underwear that the sexy blogger from, which he has initially bought for me, will never ever gonna see the daylight from my pants because after he had tried the underwear, he immediately fell in love with the underwear - jor!!!! -- Kheksei! =P

The ever-sexy Malaysian Model, SK Low, with his fellow Sexy Singaporean, who was a national bowler as well, Lee Yu Wen....My sixth sense tells me that Lee Yu-Wen is also "One Of Us"!!! But then again, I couldn't find enough proof for you guys to judge for yourself!!! What say you, eh?!

SK Low - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

This last picture is a rare occasion where I'll feature a caucasian. Well, I had to please some of my readers - eh...Hahahaha. Erm...STRICTLY GAY, perhaps?! 


Anonymous said...

Get well soon.

Yellow works well. Plus blue, particularly when worn around the neck.

I like the white too. Also the black and the pink.

William said...

I was shocked to see the ang moh! Does cum clear phlegm?

Anonymous said...

of cos he is. LYW is super gay

link within

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