Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cute & Sexy Hong Kong Guy - Arthur Li!

Arguably one of the most handsome guy that I've ever come across on the net, Arthur Li Shuxuan ( 李书玄  ), born 13 September, Hong Kong. Just couldn't resist to share it with you guys! Enjoy ya!

More shirtless Pictures of Arthur :

Now, how Arthur maintains his flawless, smooth skin - leh?!

Of course, in order to look good, sometimes we need to splurge a little! 

Arthur loves the sun and pool as well! 

And Arthur has no qualms showing off his perky butt crack as well!

He's also very good at Camwhoring! 
( p/s: I wonder if you guys notice any of his tattoo on his body? Tsk, tsk, tsk! - Do anyone of you have tattoo(s) on your body?  )

Before: His virginal, untouched chest!!! 

After he had tattooed some words on his chest! Sexy? 

Unfortunately for us, he's already attached. 
But still, I hope this guy will trigger your excitement to visit Hong Kong as soon as possible!!! 


thompsonboy said...

the other 'unfortunate' part would be that tacky tattoo and forever burberry is.. :(

William said...

So lean. Licinnya kulit. Cute. But I find his hair a bit big. I think he can carry off other styles.

Clyde Lim said...

it's great to see someone with monolids being featured. Double eyelids are really cute, but monolids have its charm too :D

Anonymous said...

Arthur is very handsome it says he likes to show hisw butt crack i wish he wouls show his cock

bijey said...

this is my can u be my yummy hotguy

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