Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Kinda Male Types Do You Like?

I came across this post which I find it very interesting and amusing!
( Original Post: http://stirigay.ro/Blogurile/beautifulbody/2011/08/18/the-male-types/  )

Since the beginning of times, people had this ability of putting things into categories. The same thing happens with men. Gay men loves other men but which type? Which category? Here’s our hierarchy:

Child Men    
Men that are still playing)

Exhibitionist Men 
    (Men that like to show off… Depends on what they think they have best)

Worker Men   
   (They work all day especially in bed)

Model Men      
(True beauties, the male type that is always conscious about what nature gave him)

Spoiled Men 
  ( Similar to child men, the spoiled ones are tougher to understand because apparently they seem adult)

Unloved Men  
(Men that expect the ideal love without seeing the person next to them who loves them)

Surprise Men   
(Men that are always mistaken as Kinder Egg. Lick the chocolate but always there’s something different inside)

Hot Dog Men
 (They just love to eat hot dogs. All day long. Short or long, thick or skinny, cut or uncut. Hello! what are you thinking? I am talking about hot dogs!)

Dirty Men
   (Men and Dirty are the same. Dirty Body, Dirty language, Dirty sex…)

Good looking Men
     (Also similar to Model Men, they are easier to accept because their ego is a bit smaller and can be fed easily)

Which type of male do you think you fall into? 
Which kinda guy do you like?!!


Chen Xing said...

At this point of my life, I'll just take any men who comes.

simonlover said...

@Chen Xing: Don't be sad my dear! I'm sure the right guy for you is out there! It's just that fate and destiny has not chanced upon you yet! Muacks!

Paul Figaro J said...

harlooo... do you have to ask... of course ALL LAHHH!!!
and by all not one at a time.. is one shot!

Anonymous said...

paul u are a slut like a women , how do u expect to get any guy ah?

Ming said...

good looking men of course

H said...

What about kind & loving men?

Anonymous said...

Can I juz know who's the gorgeous hunk on your title page?

simonlover said...

@Anonymous: Aiyo...the hunky model in my header...I cannot even remember where and how I got that picture d! Sorry, mate! =)

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