Monday, September 20, 2010

8 Weddings and A Best-Men Tag Team! More to come?!!!

According to tradition, the Year Of Tiger is not an auspicious year to get married because the Tiger symbolizes strong characteristic traits such as energetic, power, aggressive, strong, invincibility -- Hence, marriages that were held on a Tiger year are expected to be rocky and argumentative!

However, I assume that people nowadays are getting less superstitious because this year alone, I have 4 Friends' Wedding Invitations! One was held last February, One just concluded last Friday ( including me joining in as one of the Best-Men team!!! ), just attended another one yesterday Night and one last one ( hopefully! ) coming soon in 2 weeks time!

Oh! And I've just realize, working in a far-far-away land with a community that basically knows each other ( either Directly or In-directly! ), even if I'm not realted with the people there, but the auspicious "Red Letter Bomb" somehow has its own way in reaching at your doorstep - where another FOUR, 3 of them coming soon - were given to me! In one of the wedding invitations, I'm not really close with the aunty because the only time I'll meet and chat with her ( which usually lasts about 10-20 mins per session ) is whenever we go to her cake shop to buy birthday cakes, which is only about 3-4 times a year, for the past 3 years - and like that also "kena" invited to her daughter's wedding dinner! Talking about being popular - eh?!!!!

 Yo dude, can you be in my best-men team?

So, in this past 3 days, I'm down in my Horny BF's place, busy packing angpows to my beloved friends as well as being invited to be one of the Best-Men ( aka "Heng Dai" ) team!! - Die, Die, Dieeee! The only other occasion wherewhere I've been one of the "Heng Dai(s)" was at my Brother's wedding! Being a shy, well-mannered kinda guy, I don't think I'm suited to be one of the brotherhood clan where they are expected To Be...

As Man As Louis Koo Tin Lok!

 As Strong as Sylvester Stallone aka Rocky/Rambo!

 As Handsome as Brad Pitt

 As Suave As Daniel Craig

As Funny As Stephen Chow Sing Chi

or As Sarcastic As Eric Tsang Chi Wai!!!

Being asked at point blank, how can I say "NO" to my friend - leh?! Fortunately for me, on the day to pick up the bride, there were another 6 other Best-Man as well - and all of them are a bunch of noisy, big-sized & macho looking! Hehe. The "torturing sessions" during the "Picking Up The Bride" segment went kinda smooth actually. No physical activity involved ( like the one experienced by Pluboy.blogger and others ). Just some eating, blowing, eating, singing, eating, shouting and eating again ... The "Four Different Taste" food torture were actually an ease for me. For Bitter, we had "BitterGourd" - I like BitterGourd!; For Sweet, we had "Mentos", For Sour, we had "Fresh Lemon" - where most of us couldn't stand though and Spicy, we had Rocky Biscuit Sticks dipped in Sambal - easy for me cuz I can eat spicy! Anyway, to make things short, I manage to go through the ordeal well enough to earn some "angpows" from the Bride & Groom as well! Hehe

Sigh..It's happy to see weddings right? It has become a compulsory thingy among our batch of friends to compete which table can shout 'Yam Seng" the loudest and it's fun to see me screaming on top of my lungs with the other table mates, and I need to shout even louder when there are more girls in my table! 

Yaaaaaaaammmmm  Seng!

But weddings would have been much more merrier if we gays are allowed to get married, won't you guys think so? -- Well, we can only hope instead that one day this hope might come true in the future... =( ! Till then, we can only be BOYFRIENDS ....Love, from Simon Lover.

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Whizkid said...

Despite unable to get married, there are gay couples out there who had been together for 10 to 25 years (according to pluboy). But "Que sera sera" who knows one day, gay marriage is legal in M'sia - but we all know how very slim it is, just next to impossible.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry, but i just don't get why we PLU need to get married with our bf? being PLU is the only valid reason not to get married. ya go to weddings and when ya being asked,'when's ur turn' ya can always answer 'Honey, I'm a fag, i don't get married'. End of story.

nicky05 said...

But you can marry at Canada or England..

Koala Express said...

heng tai cheng heng tou tai. :P shy, well-mannered kinda guy? only dat meh. :P

Takashi said...

I agree with Anonymous...

Why the need to get married? Urg.. a waste of money..

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